So, we ERECTED the tree tonight......

And I think I'm gonna' sleep right here under it!
And just for the record......
Bigger ain't necessarily better either!
I've always wanted a HUGE tree
but "dingle-shnork" always talked me out of it.
So, since I didn't have to argue about "SIZE" with any one this year
I went out and got me a monster tree.,
A very mean, monster tree.
It whipped my butt!
It took the children (who were more like, in and out) and I
almost 4 hours to get that bad boy up and decorated!
Now I'm exhausted, coverd in sap and stuck to the carpet
on the floor 'neath" the tree.
It's not too bad though, the children keep bringing me cookies and I
have my spray bottle filled and am now on
(It's Aggie's first Christmas)
Every time she even looks at the tree or comes near me I
" pffffsssssssssst", "pfffffffffffffssssssssssst", "pfffffffffsssssssssst"
her really good with water!
Yeah, I'm gonna' be right here for awhile!
Goodnight to you all and hope you have sweet dreams!
I need another cookie!


rdl said...

Good for you! i still haven't dragged out fake out - tomorrow!

Melissa Russell said...

I am sure the tree is gorgeous and it was worth all the hassle lol...Otherwise the lights look good on you hahahaha

Charli Henley said...

Yay tree! I hope you have sweet sugar plum dreams.

Shadow said...

sweet. my kitty used to think christmas tree ormanents were her personal toy box too...

NYD said...

I guess bigger ain't always better in some things.

Liquid said...

Honey, the mood just hit me yesterday! I'm glad it did for the childrens sake 'cause I was actually kind of dreading it this year. But wooooooooooooohoooooooooo.....
we're ready now, by gosh!

Liquid said...

Yeah, I even tried on a pair of balls for earrings, you know, it kinda felt like the 80's there for a moment. My daughter just cackled!

Liquid said...

Thank you sweetie! This morning I do feel like "something" danced in my head! :)

Ghost Dansing said...

Liquid.... i cannot see your header-logo on your blog with either my IE or Firefox browser.....

maybe its nothing..... but maybe your code took a hit internally.

Liquid said...

I can tell this is going to be an interesting holiday season! Aggie is still sitting back away from the tree with her pupils all dilated and appears to be in some sort of a trance as she watches the lights blink on the tree.
And.......I'm not sure sticking those feathers in it was such a good idea either. They gently sway with the slightest breeze, ya know?!

Liquid said...

In "S O M E" areas, I do agree.

Liquid said...

Yeah, my blog has coughed up some issues. Email me when you get a chance, please.

Anonymous said...

I read this last night and just cracked up. Now I feel like I can just skip the tree this year (again) and enjoy yours.

Christina said...

I have a fake tree which I can get up and decorated in under a half hour. You deserve another cookie, or three!

Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

Here's hoping you and the kids have a wonderful Christmas!

Liquid said...

Come on over! Bring a spray bottle and we can play "Spritz The Cat" and drink holiday spritzers! The longer you play and drink, the more fun it gets! And I think the tree gets bigger too! ;)-

Liquid said...

It's been like that for years around here.....pull it out, throw it up......decorate and "POW"...there she is!
You can understand WHY I just HAD to fulfill my wish this year!
Lesson learned though........maybe!

Liquid said...

And my dear, sweet Amias:
Loving wishes and warmth sent right back at you and your family for a wonderful Christmas! I miss dem' bones!

JihadGene said...

Ruv You Looong Time! JG

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Your're so funny. I hope the sap is gone and you are enjoying all your hard work - or at least the kids are!