My Award......................thank you!

This award comes to me from a well lov3d and honorable blogger.
I take note of this kind of stuff
and lemme' tell you something..........
I am speechless.
My life,
is a sculpture of
dry and moist emotions.
All tangled up in a whirl.
I am a girl.
{{{which gives me the right to change my fvkin mind}}}
A woman.
A mother.
A life partner.
A will.
A love.
A hope.
A dream.
A wonderer.
A blogger.
A writer.
A survivor.
A pain in the ass.
A sister.
A daughter.
A lover.
A daughter-in-law.
An aunt.
A friend.
An artist.
A cousin.
A neice.
A bitch.
A fluffer.
A photographer.
An artistic designer.
A hopeless romantic.
A believer.
A traveler.
A wife.
A girlfriend.
A significant other.
An "ex".
A believer.
A cutter.
A suicide survivor.
An enemy.
A country lover.
A yoga instructor.
A drunk driver.
A cheerleading sponsor.
A cancer survivor.
A challenge.
A winner.
A changer.
A true blue beach wonder.
A trick.
A trainer.
An old music lover.
A monster.
A sinner.
A saint.
A ruthless beginner, painter.
Looks to me like I've got straight
this report.
How 'bout you?
Heck..........I gift this honor to everyone
on my blog roll.
Share your
with the world!
Thank you,
for this award.

... i AM

Well, for the most part,
I am well,

Yet NOT!

If any of you track your hits,
via Feedjit,
you will notice that
has relocated.
starting fresh from outta' the old numbing zip code of

Had to happen for many, many, many reasons.

All is great and I have about
let's just say......
about 100 photos
of the past months journey on the road
to share with you.

They will tell a wonderous tale of how
ended up relocating to

This is all I'm gonna' give out in Bloggeritaville for now
because I have to get our new kitchen
organized and such.

I have missed you each,