"Mind Locks" by Amias

How can anyone possibly explain the miracle that is a poem? How is one to understand what really takes place in a poet's heart and mind before, during and after a poem is born? I will now share with you a wealth of new and rich understanding to that very question. I have been inspired by a very special woman who is so much more that just a poet. Amias is a writer who feels all that she touches and sees, capable of pulling you inside of yourself where she then begins to sing to you, her song. She is to pen and paper as is the heartbeat of a mother to her unborn child. I can just imagine all the words of our language sitting patiently with both adoration and with hope, waiting to be chosen so that they too may flow from the ink of her pen. To explore this amazing relationship and to personally experience the ballet created by this talented womans poetry, please order her book, "Mind Locks" by Amias. I challenge you to taste the purposeful juice that flows from every single page. My dearest friend, Amias, is just that. A wonderous grape. Lush and ready to be picked. Ladened with such flavorful juice fed from her ancestoral roots. Ready to share with us freely, her passion. Unadorned and free from flashy tinsel. Clear, solid, fully rounded...a gift to us from the Heavens above.
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