Go Santa!


If I have been a bad girl..........
It may well have depended on the situation at hand.
If I have acted out in a bad way......
I'm sure you know the conditions I was forced to act under.
If I was sneaky........
You'll know I had no choice in the matter.
(No rules in love and war, right?)
If I had bad thoughts dancing in my head.........
like really bad thoughts.....
you'll notice I didn't act upon those.
I just allowed them to dance for awhile.
If I was naughty.............
I was good at it.
No complaints.
Just requests for more.
If I seemed cruel and heartless...........
I just evened the score!
If you see me dressed somewhat like you on Christmas Eve.......
Please take no personal offense.
Consider it a "treat" for someone who has been REALLY good.
Oh, and if you saw me dip the cat's feet in red paint and toss her onto the trampoline.....
Well, you've got me there!


A thoughtful gift.....

Here is a little
gift for you each!
Think of me when you add a little more ice to your holiday drinks,
'cause I'm right there with ya'!


I caught Santa crossing the street after doin' a little shopping in downtown Meridian!
Didn't mean to startle him and make him drop his gifts!
Hey Santa, aren't those the bean bags I asked for!?


For The Men and Women In Our Military......

Here is a special Christmas wish and prayer
that was sent from our home with appreciation for you
and what you are doing for the world and for all of us here at home.
God bless you and your families and may you return home safe and soon!
My children will be leaving an extra bag of cookies for Santa to drop off to you all when he lands in Iraq and Afghanistan.
your bag is tied with a gold ribbon!


So, we ERECTED the tree tonight......

And I think I'm gonna' sleep right here under it!
And just for the record......
Bigger ain't necessarily better either!
I've always wanted a HUGE tree
but "dingle-shnork" always talked me out of it.
So, since I didn't have to argue about "SIZE" with any one this year
I went out and got me a monster tree.,
A very mean, monster tree.
It whipped my butt!
It took the children (who were more like, in and out) and I
almost 4 hours to get that bad boy up and decorated!
Now I'm exhausted, coverd in sap and stuck to the carpet
on the floor 'neath" the tree.
It's not too bad though, the children keep bringing me cookies and I
have my spray bottle filled and am now on
(It's Aggie's first Christmas)
Every time she even looks at the tree or comes near me I
" pffffsssssssssst", "pfffffffffffffssssssssssst", "pfffffffffsssssssssst"
her really good with water!
Yeah, I'm gonna' be right here for awhile!
Goodnight to you all and hope you have sweet dreams!
I need another cookie!


Friday Flash 55

Has anyone seen Christmas?
I've searched till I'm blue.

I've found people rushing with no smiles on their face.
And the stores are all groomed with no parking space.

I've looked and I've listened for that magicical place.
Could someone please, just give me a clue?

Oh, yeah, that's right,

You'll find Christmas

Flash Fiction Friday
Every Friday, I compose a short story of 55 words - no more, no less.
If you want to join in the fun and games and give it a try,
post your story and report to the boss.


Here I go!

I really do not have many words today.
Just a lot of feelings.

Winter is a time for seeking refuge,
for our mind, body and spirit.

But I refuse.

There are lots of changes going on inside of me
and I feel like I am jumping off into the deep end
without my "floaties" on.

Yet, at the same time, I feel my power welling up inside of me
and I am in search of the tallest cliff imaginable so that even
in the moment where I need to be still and grow,
I am taking action and standing up for my self.

So, today I just feel like putting on my swimming suit,
and plunging into the water from heights I've never been before.



I Couldn't Help Myself!

Try this, it is hysterical!
Go to
then upload a photo and choose your cover.
Ohhhh, I'm gonna' have sooo much fun with this!


Sipping Joy.....

Oh, the refreshing sip of life that has for so long, been gone.
To be spoken to and treated like a lady.
To have someone to compliment you,
constantly and about the simplest of things.
To actually take me on a surprise "getaway"
to some where
wonderfully romantic and extravagant.
To hear the words, "What ever you want, doll."
To be looked at as if he were drinking of me.
It's been 3 months since we've seen each other.
And I realize now.......that I missed him!
how delicious life feels,
when you begin
to start "living" it again.
I think I'm gonna just linger in this moment for a bit.
If ya'll don't mind.
Have a super weekend!



This 80 year old woman was arrested for
shop lifting.
When she went before the judge in Cincinnati he asked her,
"What did you steal?"
She replied,
"A can of peaches."
The judge then asked her why she had stolen the can of peaches
and she replied that she was hungry.
The judge then asked her how many peaches were in the can.
She replied 6.
The judge then said,
"I will then give you 6 days in jail."
Before the judge could actually pronounce the punishment,
the woman's husband spoke up and asked the judge if he could say something.
The judge said,
"What is it?"
The husband said,
"She also stole a can of peas."

Holiday Fun!

MEN: Stay out of the "DOG HOUSE" this season!
Yep.........You gotta click "Pause" on the PLAYLIST to view these!




Just checkin' in on ya'll!


Points Of View....

Back in the 1929 Financial Crash
it was said that some Wall Street stockbrokers and bankers
from their office windows and committed suicide
when confronted with the news of their firms' and clients' financial ruin.
Many people were said to have almost felt a little sorry for them. . .

the attitude has changed
Now the signs read,
somewhat. . .


Raccoon Bandit - Hilarious!

This YouTube video features a daring heist.
But theft isn’t what you’re expecting!
When you live near the wilderness,
sometimes you get unexpected guests.

This sneaky raccoon is caught on camera.
It creeps into this house through a dog door.
Then it heads straight for the dog bowl.
But it can’t compete with the household cat and dog.

Raccoons are wild animals.
They naturally stick to wooded areas.
But they are also incredibly adaptable.
As man moved into their habitat, they didn’t run.
Raccoons have little problem living in urban environments.
These kinds of encounters are not uncommon!

Meet an Angel......

I'd like everyone to go on over and meet
She is probably one of the bravest and most powerful blogger's
you will ever have the chance to meet.
She is, and has been, very sick for the past 7 months with Cystic Fibrosis.
Her mission is simple, to share her story and to reach out to others who also suffer from this horrific diagnosis.
I know my family here in Bloggeritaville and I beg of you
to go on over and give her the love and support you are each renowned for giving.
She is truly Amazing!