i thought about you as a little girl
filled with love and the joys of what would be
and i saw you wiggling your toes in the water
playing on a white sandy beach
i saw the beauty of liquid blue
and all the joys that life had and will bring to you
and my tears dried
and i smiled at the knowing that love is always in the showing
i saw you as an old wise woman
still filled with life sharing memories laced with strife
and i felt you weaving the thought within my mind
that life is not governed by time
it’s created by positive thoughts of our desire
and only we can put out the fire
and my tears dried and i smiled
at the showing that long life
is in the knowing

© February 22 2007 Amias




Mind Locks' Readers Review

Maggie Lee Scott Douglasville, Georgia~

As Rembrandt was with a brush in hand, is the talented pen of Amias in her first published book by the title of "Mind Locks".
In this book, Amias shares her views and vast knowledge in a very poetic manner. One can not define any style of the poems written in "Mind Locks", because Amias is not confine to one style.
When reading this book, one will smile, laugh, shed a few tears, learn, and reflect as the pages are turned. Poetically, this author takes a reader on a journey in the past, present, and future with many twists alone the way.

Maureen Bastardi Somerville, Massachusetts ~

"Mind Locks" is a very powerful book full of poetry that will burn memories into your soul. It will forever hold a special place on my shelf. "Never Again" and "Sisterhood" are my favorites.

Connie Marcum Wong Hawaii ~
{Author of “Island Creations” poetry collection}

Amias has the ability to see past the surface, delving deeply into the inner psyche. She uses all her experiences in life with a profound quality which shines brightly through her poetry. As in her acrostic poem "Con.ver.sa.tion" below, Amias reveals her joy of sharing conversation and how it relates to her poetry.Con.ver.sa.tion

Conveying thoughts into feelings
Ofentimes are quite revealing
Nothing is more fulfilling, as

Verbal tête-à-tête from willing
Eager minds sharing their joy
Reveling in visions from the heart

Sashaying around like a peacock
Attention to details never stops

Time is not relevant to the clock
In-depth musing always on top
Omnipresent conversation is there
Nudging silence out of everywhere

In her poem "In Appreciation of Self", Amias expresses candidly, her spiritual values of herself in this excerpt from this poem:“Until at last a still voice within my soul
whispers to me in a soothing voice
and with joy I hear...

“Be still and know you are god”

And I discover in wide-eyed wonder
that there are no beginnings
or endings to my life
--there is just life.

Mind Locks will take you on a captivating journey into Amias’ world and you will relate to her sorrow and her joy through profound words of veracity, sometimes shared with humor, but words that always reflect the beauty of life through the colors of reality. You won't be able to put it down.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking truth and wishes to explore the fascinating realm seen through the eyes of a wise woman who has lived her life through challenges and learned from them, and has come out on the other side with the grace that has made her one of the best new poets of today.



I followed you. Around the corners of houses, through sticks pounded into the ground creating our wooden gates, between rows of pecan trees and sunflower airstrips, across rivers you've swam, into, the the tangle and bramble of your sacred forest. The place where you cut your hair and
tore your gown.

Over stripped down dead brown leaves.

Between finger branches teething, scratching.

Beneath moss
a green blanket
hiding and hanging.

Up into the tree you crawled
into the cradeling limbs where
you wept and dreamt,
then found yourself laying at the top,
at the edge.

It's oay now, forgiving first of yourself
for now forgiving them. Now they will know
that I leaned down and over you
whisped the curls of your hair.

...........and then,
followed through.

Wake up now, the sun is risen.

Pounding through the curtians...........
that once felt harsh to your eyes.

To Amias~
~From Liquid


"MIND LOCKS" ~by Amias


old remnants comes together

as i emerged myself within

the waters of life,

that did not rise above my head

but its touch soothed my spirit

as i listened to replications of nature

presented to me in human’s stereophonic

----- and i wondered,

while bathing in cheap bubble bath

that smelled like expensive roses

softening my body i meld with the water

i was feeling good about myself

----- how much richer can i get

than to bond with the water

by releasing water

the point where the two

comes together is awesome

while listening to humans

replicating nature


and i set my thoughts free

remembering an old line --

seek ye first

yes, ye seek first

as i laid down this body

and succumb to quietness

an old left hipbone on one so young

begun its slow rhythmic painful dance

rising to such a high peak it forced me
to use humans’ creations for relief

when the pains didn't stop

i prepared for spiritual creations

found three odds and ends candle holders

holding unscented blue candles

reminding me of the universe

i watched as the fire danced

half of my body was submerged in water

the other half was listening

to humans’ replications of nature

all at once, above the pain

just past my inner ear

i heard a soft healing voice from within

so soft it shattered the loudness of my pain

there was someone i was suppose to reach ---

and within my human's ego i noted, just one?

and the voice whispered ----

everything begins with one –

ye seek first

and behold i saw remnants

of something as old as time

and my eyes blinked in anticipation

and there they were ---

these women without skin
light illuminating their bodies ---

exposing purplish-blue veins
wherein their lives flowed ---

and within this state of awareness
they dived among the animals ----

covering themselves with mud
hiding from their nakedness ----

betraying secret thoughts

and here we are ----

women light had forsaken

who, in amazement ----

grasping this state of awareness

within our souls
bleached our dark skin ----

to lay open our heart to our sisters
and the balance was electrifying ----

for all who witnessed this metamorphic
were enlightened by it ----

and together we found the remnants

of the lost sisterhood

and here i am …

feeling good about myself

listening to humans’ replications of nature

cloning it beautifully ---

i am feeling no pain

© Rev’d 2007 Amias