Remembering Suzanne a.k.a. Liquid

Bloggers around the world have written beautiful tributes to our beloved Suzanne a.k.a. Liquid, who passed away on Christmas Eve. If you have written such a tribute, link it here so that everyone can enjoy it, especially the family.

Jazz has made Suzanne’s Guest Book Permanent, so if you haven’t signed it, do so here. The White Family is in the process of creating a living Memorial to Suzanne, and they will announce it as soon as all the details are worked out. On behalf of the White family, they so appreciate your loving support.

Link your tribute to Suzanne here. Warning - some of these tributes will be very candid, as the mode of Suzanne passing is no secret. Suzanne has always tried very hard to be open and honest with her readers, I am sure she would want you to do the same. No disrespect intended, but PLEASE LINK TO YOUR TRIBUTE PAGES, otherwise it will be deleted.

For the Christians who have emailed me about Suzanne and Heaven, Bo Ragon wrote this to me and I asked if I could share it with you; Christian View Of Suicide. Hope it helps. - Amias


Our beloved Jeri Suzanne Horne passed away on December 24, 2008. I spoke to Suzanne's father this morning, and they will be printing the online MEMORIAL BOOK as a keepsake for Bella and Campbell.

Some of you have already done this, but I have noticed that many of you posted your goodbyes on this post and the post below this one, we are asking that everyone post goodbyes in Suzanne's Memorial Book, please. Let us show the White family, especially the children, just how much we loved and appreciated Suzanne. If you have written a small poem, as long as it's original, you may post it here and it will be emailed to Mr. White, as it may be too long to go in the Memorial Book, but it can be added. Just click link below!

From Amias ....