"You Wench!"

Now I've been called alot of things in my glorious lifetime
but I must say that being called a
is probably my favorite!

Except when
called me

That still holds the number


Unknown said...

Great 55 on Friday! I love the name "wench" although completely understand "slippery" Hope your holiday was great and thank you so much for you most wonderful comment!


Scott said...

Yeah, that is a silly insult. Like, can you tow a car by your very nature?

June Saville said...

I like 'wench' so much better than 'winch'!
With legs like yours (so long and beautiful according to your header which I'm sure is an accurate depiction) what else could you be?
You're made for admiration, not work.
June in Oz

G-Man said...

A slippery wench?

Shadow said...

wench... the images THAT brings to mind...

beth said...

Better a sliperry wench than a scrappy wench!