The New Man....

I have been re-introduced to a man who was my first love.
He is even more handsome than I remember him being back when I was younger.
He is kind, loving, giving, not to mention, forgiving, and sees me not only for who I am
but also for who he knows I can and will become.
I have taken a huge step, even in this short period of time since my separation from my husband.
I have asked him to move in with the children and I.
He started this process yesterday morning while we were at church.
I think he is just about finished.
Maybe a box of sandals left to go or something like that.
I feel so loved and so humbled that a man of his stature would considering doing such, just for us.
Know why?
'Cause my new man is


74WIXYgrad said...

One thing I want to correct you on.

Jesus isn't finished with you, me or anyone else.

We are all works in progress and will be until we are walking on the streets of gold.

Liquid said...

That's why he agreed to move in with me I guess. He's gonna' keep a close check on me.

I'm a humbled, lucky girl......

And I know he travels all the time, and is VERY busy.

I'm so willing to share him with the world.


Frasypoo said...

Hi Liquid
Great post.
He's my number one man too!!
Looks like we have the same taste in men!!
I always think about where I would be if I did not have him.I am a sinner of the worst kind but he took me in and forgave me.

Liquid said...

AND........he is a wonderful help in the kitchen! I didn't burn the biscuits this morning! :)

Chelle said...

he's perfect for you!
try to hang on to him...even in the hard times.

love ya girl!

rdl said...

phwee, you had me goin there for a minute.
but he's perfect, stead of the rebound guy.
hang in there.

Sandy Carlson said...

That post gave me chills. Whoa.

Good for you. And Amen.

Bella said...

OMG Liquid! You really had me going! haha.

Sometimes I wonder if I was meant to be blonde.