New Pet...

We have also adopted a new pet.
His name is
He is a
Thank you Leigh and Ron......
I'm bringing him to your house, hopefully soon for a visit!
He loves to munch on your cursor so if you click on him,
be careful!
Make him dance to
Lil' Mama


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I fed him...;)

Liquid said...

You're a dear.
Or a Lama's Mama!

he he he

Thanks chick!


74WIXYgrad said...

I have found that Drama likes Hartzler's ice cream better than that hay you set out for him.

He prefers alfalfa nut crunch.

Serena Joy said...

He's a cute little fellow. He seems to like to eat more than my duck. LOL.:)

kasper794 said...

I fed him. He's cute! Thanks for listening. I feel a little more myself now

The Milan Family said...

i'm obsessed with the llama....

Sandy Carlson said...

He's a beaut, though I think he may have overdone it on the rinse! He kinda looks like my Aunt Ruth, only prettier.

Chelle said...

thought you would be a "cow" girl instead of a llama "mama"....but regardless, we love you and your animals so I fed him some top secret food and he should be relatively quiet for a few days!!!!!!!LOL

Jon said...

Hi Liquid, Just dropping by to see how you're doing with all the divorce drama going on...and I am tickled to see you've got a pet drama lama helping you get through it. Way to go! My 2 pet terriers with their unconditional love never fail help me through bad times and I hope your virtual pet llama will do the same for you. Hang in there! BTW, I lit a candle for you at Saturday evening Mass and for a very sick friend also. Best regards, Jon in Vicksburg, MS. on 3-3-08