Smiley-Miley Cinnamon Toast....

we get a bit silly around here when it comes to breakfast!
We added food coloring to our cinnamon and sugar mixture and made our own little smiley-miley cinnamon toast.
It's fun on a Saturday morning when you've got time to play in the kitchen.
Although, hair is NOT edible!
I borrowed it from an old doll who was in pretty bad shape.


di said...

Hi Liquid! love this post!! "silly" is such a healthy approach to life and lots of fun too!!

moxylyn said...

Haha Did you eat this?

mr liquid said...

i to love smiley miley jesus toast

Ghost Dansing said...

vegemite on toast

Liquid said...

Di: I never wanna' grow up!

Moxylyn: Yeah, and you should see what it does to your tongue!

Mr. Liquid: I know you do!

Ghost D: Hmmmmmmmm, can you add food coloring to vegemite?

Daisy said...

HA! I'm glad you explained the hair because I was about to ask what is that hair made out of. Silly is good! This was fun. :)

Janet Campbell said...

So cute! Makes me miss a full house & mourn my empty nest!
Oh! I think you should put it on Ebay, I think I see the Virgin Mary! hahaha

Amel's Realm said...

That is SOOOOOOOOOO cuteeee!!! ;-D

Liquid said...

Daisy: Maybe I'll use licorice tomorrow morning! yum!

Janet: You saw it too?! Left eye?
Yep.....she is for sale now!
Anyone want to start a bid war here? *snicker*

Amel: She's not so cute a week later. lol