Ode To My Friend.....

When I think of the dark days in our pasts'
In my mind I color them black.

When I think of the days ahead of us,
They appear to me as the many shades of bright,
White light.

When I do not hear from you,
Well, my soul simply goes flat.
I miss you my wonder.
I miss you my friend.
I miss your talent beloved one,
and that will never, ever end.

But together
Through the lives and the loves
our friendship we'll never spend.

Let me know you are safe
dearest one.
Much and always
With true honor and respect.



74WIXYgrad said...

That goes for me too, and others who have asked me about you.

Christina said...

a beautiful poem...

LOL at the Pink Weenie post!

L J Malonson said...

my days have been dark
my nights have been strange
i live in a place that has no name
i have come full circle
and nothing seems to change
i have prayed and called
on all gods that had names
my prayers go unanswered
my pains go unhealed
and soon this old body
will no longer feel
i have used up all my hope
i have lost all my beliefs
i have no illusions
that I will find peace
don’t follow me to this place
because here I am lost
it seems I was born
to carry a heavy cross


Ghost Dansing said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful...you have a very interesting blog :)

Liquid said...

No. That is unacceptable to me.
Your spirit soars higher than you know. Come home, dearest one, just come home. I will carry you.
I've got a heck of a lot of spunk left in these little bones. Come home!

g-man said...

Shooting Rubber Bands at the Stars!

Daisy said...

Wonderful poem and tribute to the relationship with your friend, Suzanne. The black and white, two halves to a whole image is fabulous too. The poem and illustration go well together just like you and your friend, I think. Happy day to you, my dear. :)

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

A beautiful poem and a cool photo.