Friday Flash 55....#3

Here, fishy-fishy.
I see your tail
a swishy-swishin'!
Come to the top
so I can pop
your little fin.
I'll scale you good
and cut off your head.
Drop you in oil
and watch you boil.
Then scoop you out
without a doubt
and devour you
with my delicate mouth,
crunching your tail!
Flash Fiction Friday
Every Friday, I compose a short story of 55 words - no more, no less.
If you want to join in the fun and games
and give it a try...post your story and report to the boss -


74WIXYgrad said...

So...When's the fish fry?

ozymandiaz said...

Hey, give that woman a helicopter and she could be VP

Mona said...

I came for lunch...

wow! fresh fried fish!

Great! :)

Missy said...

is it catfish girl!!!!!!!!!! I'll make the hushpuppies but be aware I put onions and jalapenos in mine lol.

Great 55!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend.

Liquid said...

Wixy: Um, dinner is on me.....and that darn catfish! :)

Ozy: Got helicopter....Need votes!

Mona: Now, was that delicious or what!? Who ever bites the bullet (found in the fish) gets to shoot the next fish. he he

Missy: Whooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah! Could ya' put a little extra onion in 'em for me!? *slurp*

Ghost Dansing said...

the sun and water reminded me of something..... the high powered rifle didn't really fit so i ignored it and went to the land ot IZ.......

Gadfly said...


So do you hunt deer with a rod and reel?

G-Man said...

You don't hunt with a fly-rod do you? hehehe
What a very off-beat 55 Liquid, of course I love it!!!
Thanks a lot for playing, and have a Great Week-End....G

Daisy said...

Great story, Liquid! Was there enough left of that fish to eat after you blew him out of the water? HA! ;)

Akelamalu said...

Thanks for dropping by to read my 55. :)

I like your 55 poem very much. Just one question - do you actually shoot the fish? ;)

Liquid said...

Ghost: lol...But I'd take my gun to the land of IZ anyway. I never leave home without it! :)

Gadfly: Nope. I use dynamite for the deer. (And the fish too....sometimes) ;)

G-Man: Thanks boss! This is fun!
Everyone should join in!

Daisy: Yep. I've seen catfish up to 75 lbs come out of the Mississippi River. Of course, I think I was actually shooting beer cans in the photo. :)-

Akelamalu: I enjoyed your 55 as well. Sometimes we shoot 'em with bow and arrows. Sometimes we just hop in the water and pull 'em out with our hands. Depends on the size of the catfish. You never know around here! lol

SandyCarlson said...

Well done, Liquid! I pity the fish....Or do I? This is very tempting!

Liquid said...

Sandy: I saved you a plate of catfish and hushpuppies. Bon appetite! :)-

DivaJood said...

Now, it seems that if you shoot a fish, you're left with fish-cakes.

Janet Campbell said...

I'll have a side of coleslaw & hush puppies with that! Fatastic short story!! You're so talented!

Liquid said...

Diva: Yep......lol....for left overs! Yum!

Janet: This is a fun project for friday's. You should join in....you are talented as well and I just love reading your blog. You'd enjoy it........much!

fishing guy said...

So Liquid, did you scare any fish with that little popper?

Liquid said...

Fishing Guy: Nope. But I killed a couple of beer cans!

Shinade said...

Wow have I ever missed you. And you look terrific with a gun.

I just got a new shotgun 2 week ends ago.

I am so glad you dropped in. I lost your link one day while editing.

Now I am getting ready for a complete make over.

I love your new header and also your EC avatar.

Hey if you want a hot link button just email me an image and I will make you one.

Wow it feels like old home week!!:-)))