The Art of Love......the end.

We were riding the four-wheeler through the pasture
and my arms were wrapped around you tight.
Tighter than I think they have ever been before.
Or so it seemed.
The wind was whisping off of your neck,
into my nose.
I drank of you.
I gave thanks for you
and the miracles that surround us.
I squeezed you and gently kissed your back.
on your tattoo,
the only one you have,
the one with the
in the middle of it.
(By the way, I love you for that.)
Does that make me selfish?
I certainly hope so.
I am starved, yet full....


Marie said...

Great :)

Billy said...

Very cool poem. Nice!

Panaderos said...

Lovely. :)

Sheri Webster said...

Nice poem. Cool site. I'll have to keep on a comin'.
I giggled with the hit man joke and then went on to relax to the music and refresh my emotions with your poem. What more could I ask from a quick stop by. Thank you for your comments earlier.

Daisy said...

Wonderful poem, Liquid! Thanks for sharing it.