What Love Lives For....

a thousand seconds,
held within the many minutes
of each hour,
that makes up,
for each of us,
a single day,
which in turn,
creates the weeks that pass,
landing in the pocket of our hearts,
tending to add up to the months
that can seem so short,
while rapidly accumulating the years
that seem to fly us by.
if we are blessed,
.......not lucky.......
This would be
what I believe to be the the very moment
that made all the times,
good and bad,
worth the while.

i'm weird.


EC said...

That is really beautiful - both the pictures and the words. I want something like that when I'm their age...

74WIXYgrad said...

No you are not wierd. You are realistic. No matter how hard some try, if they live to be a ripe old age, they will not retain youthful good looks.

This couple looks like one Paul Harvey would wish happy anniversary to, a couple to whom, the only thing that matters, is each other. Looks like true love and true happiness.

lime said...

no, that's not weird in the least. it's beautiful.

ozymandiaz said...

Oooooh, you want to hug old people?
Just kidding.
Nothing at all weird about that, unless they are in their thirties or something.

Liquid said...

I am wierd.

Me too.
See, I am wierd.

Wierd is beautiful, I suppose.

I hope not.
But, I'm wierd.

Nit Wit said...

When weird got to know me he kicked me off the bus for making him look like an amateur. Everyone needs someone to hold them and keep back the night, regardless of age.

Liquid said...

Nit Wit:
I like weird people.
I do so agreee there's nothing that feels as secure as being held by someone you trust.

Maybe I'll find him, one day, in a land far far away from here!

Of course I'll probably be in nursing home by then, bed ridden and unable to move, or speak, when he squashes me with his weight.

Maybe I'll have a morphine button.
shit, that might just work now!

Oh dear Lord............!

I digress.........

SandyCarlson said...

Weird? Nah. Beautiful.