Just Dance!

I found this over at SATURDAY KNIGHTS blog.

{{{This blog is a MUST visit, by the way!}}}

I just had to have it over here to remind myself to take the time I need to just



Memphis Steve said...

Oh my God! Dancing monkeys!

Bella said...

Okay, that's cute!

I guess I need to run over and check out that blog!


Liquid said...

Memphis Steve:
I know! Can you believe it? Wonder what drug the FDA was testing in that lab? Makes you wonder, eh?

Liquid said...

Hey Bella:
I am still laughing at this video too! Yeah, Saturday Knights is a hoot!

DivaJood said...

Those Chimps could win Dancing with the Stars hands down.

fishing guy said...

Liquid: Way cool, I'll have to show my grandkids.