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Prince William completes his helicopter training en -route to a stag party.
Prince William raised eyebrows when he used an RAF Chinook helicopter
to ferry him and his younger brother, Harry

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The prince took off in the helicopter
- denoting his qualification as an RAF pilot -
with his father present at a ceremony at RAF Cranwell
in Lincolnshire on Friday around lunchtime.

The Prince has already won his RAF 'Wings'


He flew the aircraft to pick up Prince Harry from Woolwich Barracks in South East London before flying on to the Isle of Wight and landing at Bembridge Airport at 4pm.

The helicopter's co-pilot then took the aircraft back to base.

The trip saved the princes a six-hour journey by rush-hour clogged roads and a ferry.
which cost around £35 million each and are in short supply in Afghanistan,
can fly at speeds of 140 Knots (160 miles per hour).
But Prince William's RAF commanders defended the move,
saying the sortie had been authorised and the flight,
over the capital and open water, helped him complete his RAF training.

"Having spent a week under instruction with a
Chinook helicopter
Squadron Prince William flew a legitimate training sortie
which tested his new skills to the limit,"
an RAF spokesman said.

"Flying at low level Prince William piloted the heavy support
RAF Chinook helicopter
through the busy London flying lanes to a helicopter landing site in Central London
before departing the lanes to the South West, making a water crossing and an approach to a civilian airfield routinely used by
Chinook Squadrons.

"His final flight tested his burgeoning flying skills
to the full and he performed very well indeed."

The Prince celebrated his achievement in customary style.

He and a group of friends spent the weekend on
"Pedro's Cowes Tour 2008",
playing drinking games and watching bands.


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