I was tagged by one of my best girls
to do this meme.

I am to list FIVE words
I hope are used to describe me after I'm gone.

So, here's my five:

1) Loving

2) Giving

3) Fun

4) Daring


5) Missed


Chelle said...

You are definitely missed now and we be missed even more once you are 'gone'...
But I have a feeling you will never be GONE, 'cause you are like me sista, we will stick around and haunt those people who need it long after our earthly body is gone..SCHHMMAAAAACK!
luv ya~

Liquid said...


Only you and Amias would know this about me! But, your right on, sistah!

Liquid said...


{{{{{{{Ooooooooh, did a phone just fly across the room?}}}}}}}}

Liquid said...


rdl said...

good ones my dear friend!

Liquid said...

And you know I'm gonna sneak onto north bound trains to come and visit you!

I'll have a little fun with the passengers on the way......te he!

I won't throw phones in your home though. Just don't be surprised if you wake up one morning, alone, and your breakfast has been prepared!