Rain Rain Go Away....

Well, in as much that we are in dire need
of rain down here in the south,
the selfish side of me NEEDS a little sunshine today!
Dunno, I'd just like to feel it on my face.
Allowing it to cast shadows behind me.
This is the time of year when I have absorbed all the beauty I can
in the drab and dull colors that surround me outside.
I am ready for splashes of bright greens, pinks and the sweet scents that fill the air down here.
Not to mention that since I posted the video from
Fried Green Tomato's
that is all my mouth wants to taste!
So, with that being said,
I wish you each a beautiful
sunshiney day!
Even if we have to use our imaginations!


Kathy said...

Yes, I know just what you mean. The weekend is supposed to be really nice, so enjoy it!

74WIXYgrad said...

You got rain, we got snow. I don't like driving in either, but prefer the wet stuff over the white stuff.

The white stuff is especially bad when you are on the roads when other people are. you would think watching them drive that this was the first time it ever snowed here.

Serena Joy said...

We need rain badly here, too, but got neither rain nor snow today as we were supposed to. Instead, it's just gray out. If there's no precipitation, I'd much rather have the sun out.

I love Fried Green Tomatoes.

Wishing you a beautiful, sunshiney day.:)

Amel's Realm said...

Sorry to hear that...hopefully the sun will come out soon...in the meantime, I hope the sun stays bright in yourself. :-)))

rdl said...

I'm sick to death of this cold grey New England weather. As i often say, I don't know why we live here.