How Fun Is This!

I found this interesting post over at Frasypoo's
I just HAD to share it!
The picture on top shows colored powders being sold during the festival
in India.
Holi is the festival of color when people smear each other with colors on that day.
Strangers would come up to you and smear you with color!
It was the only occasion where it was okay to touch a stranger!

But the people who celebrated Holi genuinely enjoyed it.
They would throw parties where people would wear white
and then throw colored water to each other.
A special drink associated with this festival is called "bhang".
Bhang is a derivative of the leaf and flower of a female Cannabis sattiva plant.
Bhang ki thandai is a drink popular in many parts of India
which is made by mixing bhang with cold drink prepared with a mixture of
almonds, spices, milk and sugar.
The fun part was watching the usually staid neighbours go crazy!
Holi is usually celebrated in early March.
I think I must attend this festival!


74WIXYgrad said...

So I guess if you get the super sized drink, you order the big bhang. I also think from what I remember from the seventies(you know what they say, if you remember the seventies, you weren't there)the hosts of these festivals would have to have plenty of food on hand because everybody would get the munchkins.

EC said...

I think that would be great fun!! You sure get to meet a lot of people that way :)

kasper794 said...

looks pretty interesting!

rdl said...

I'm coming with you! hey you won something! :D

Carteach0 said...

So much life to explore!

To think.... I am looking forward to nothing more exciting than a day at the range next weekend..... :)