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My son.........

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Amias said...

Oh my goodness, this song and the video broke my heart. How utterly sad.

Liquid said...

Yes, it is.

Babies fighting wars. It is a reality that some never envision from this point of view.

This will be my son one day, soon.
I know this.
He knows this.

I can't bear to think of it but,
I've always taught my children to follow their hearts desires.

He is planning on going off to military school for his high school years, then, to become a marine.

He follows in the footsteps of all the men on both sides of his lineage.

Oh my....but that is where his heart leads him.

I just pray for the world......hard!

Anonymous said...

hey mom

i love you

just plese keep praying for the world. and me

your son,