Life is a dance.

Sometimes it's slow and passionate.
The songs in your heart,
take the lead.

wonderful and peaceful,
going with the flow.

Hoping that the song and the night
will never end.

Other times the beat
speeds up.

You find yourself, twirling the fabric of your skirt
and being aware of the clicking of your heels.

Then it gets faster.
Parts of you begin to shake.

Exciting, thrilling, playing instruments that are invisible
to everyone but you.

the beat changes.

And you run and hit your head on the wall.


Frasypoo said...

Hi Liquid

wonderful and peaceful,
going with the flow.

This is my life today

74WIXYgrad said...

Then there are those of us who have two left feet....Granted it is hard to buy shoes:)

Sandy Carlson said...

Oh, that damned wall....I know it well.

This is quite a poem. It leaves me thinking, "Exactly."


Amias said...

.... then there are some of us who never get up to dance.

Liquid your muse is doing you justice!

Blage said...

Have a great new song about dancing on my blog by a french singer named Carla Bruni...you will love it. Dancing is something I can never do enough of.