Our "Wreath Party" was a huge success last night!
Dena Perkins whipped out some fabulous holiday wreaths dabbled with colorful bows, fantastical balls and lots of glittery BLING!

As I rolled out of bed this morning I glanced down at my bed sheets and they were covered with pink and gold glitter. As I opened my eyes, prisms of light bounced off of the glitter that had settled upon my lower eyelashes, blinding me momentarily. AND, I have a slight headache from the um, egg nog. It's still a bit warm around here for a beverage as sultry as that. Think I'll stick with water, lots of it, today.

Today we will begin preparations for the "Block Party" we're having this friday. Most of the lights are hung outside in the trees all the way down the block so it looks a bit like Hollywood Boulevard in Florida. Hmmmmmm, who's idea was that I wonder!?

Anywhooooooo, I'll be back later to hopefully post something exciting and or fun. Right now I am going to go and insert an IV for my coffee.

Each of you have a blessed day and know that I have prayed for your safety in travel if you are doing such this year!



~gkw said...

You need to post pictures of the Wreath Party and Block Party!!!

74WIXYgrad said...

I'm glad that everything is going well Around the Corner.

May you have a very blessed Thanksgiving. I did all my traveling last week.

And in an attack of lunacy, I plan to spend black Friday at home.

rdl said...

I wonder whooo? sounds like a perfect job for a Leo - party after party. Hey i want that job.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

lime said...

thank yo ukindly. i pray your holiday is special and wonderful and safe as well.

Dan said...

An IV of coffee sounds delightful! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

emmapeelDallas said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! I like what I see here, and I can relate to what you write, including the need for a coffee IV...

Happy Thanksgiving!



Hale McKay said...

Thanks for the visit and a hearty "right back atcha" with blessings for a wonderful Thanksgiving. (That's no turkey talk either.)