Well, good morning to each of you reading this!


I have so missed being in front of my computer and visiting all of your wonderful blogs!
I haven't left many of my usual "wordy" comments yet because I have like a month of posts to catch up on.
I feel like a drug addict who has escaped rehab to get my "fix" from all my friends through the brilliance and wonderment of your posts!
Let me soften that one just a little bit, I have missed you all and am all over the place this morning. Reading, laughing, thinking and sipping my cold coffee. I'll leave little stones as comments so that you'll know I've visited. Odd thing to do to living breathing blogs since I do that when I visit the graves of my loved ones. But that's what I'll do, none the less.
Hmph......living, breathing blogs.
Yup, that's fitting too, I suppose.

"Around The Corner" has become a huge success and I am just loving being out there with people like yourselves. I think a part of me forgot what all goes on everyday with each and everyone as individuals in the "outside" world. People who are so talented, lovable and unique. I suppose that's why we've gone from being considered a "Gift Shop" to being commonly referred to as a "Unique Boutique". I take that as a compliment coming from our customers and the community.

Just across the street from our boutique is the train station. Union Train Station to be exact. Am-Track runs through twice a day with it's path beginning in Montgomery, Alabama and running to New Orleans. It then runs the opposite direction in the evening dropping off all sorts of colorful and enigmatic people visiting Meridian for various reasons. We serve home-made refreshments and both warm and cool refreshing beverages all day, at no cost, to our shoppers. Our decision to do this has welcomed many a person and several delightful gatherings of strangers, who otherwise, paths' would not have crossed. This creates a delightful experience at the end of the day with our daily sales totals booming. 90% of our customers are women so the conversations and learning are priceless. We are starting a cook-book in honor and memory of our Grandmother, Iva Lee Crenshaw, that has become of great topic for sharing recipes of old. If any of you would like to contribute, please do so! Frassypoo is also doing this and I think it is such a wonderful way for us to share our heritage and the tasteful memories of our pasts

Everyone should visit Tassy over at her blog, Card Making And Me. I have not forgotten about you darlin'. We are about to commission you to design personalized labels and logo for us. I apologize for leaving you hanging like I have! I'll send you an email with a few requests! You too are too, uniquely talented!

And of course, Amias, my dearest friend is selling her book, "Mind Locks", like hotcakes around the corner!
Thank you each for your friendship and love. Your prayers are much appreciated and are the direct result of our blossoming blessings. So, till a later date, "Toodles" and feel free to check out some of the photos that Morgan, with her MySpace page, so sweetly put together for us! Just click on the post below for the direct link.

Wishing each of you a blessed and wondrous day!



74WIXYgrad said...

You're doing what you can to make your little corner of the world a better and more creative place to live.

Frasypoo said...

Thanks Liquid,please send me your email i.d and I will add you on to the contributers.
Around the corner sounds like a neat place,you must do a post on it on the food blog(its about destinations too)

Pilgrim said...

Serving free food to draw people in. Ingenious. I'd pay to sit and talk to the people getting off that train. It sounds incredible.

rdl said...

you sound great, sounds like all yr. hard work is paying off in spades. Fantasizing getting off that train in front of yr. store on my way to New Orleans!

Memphis Steve said...

So THAT'S where you've gone to! You opened a store and now you're a big business tycoon. Well, I'm glad for you. I envy you. And I miss you.

Amias said...

Wonderful UPdate dear Suzanne ... I am so very happy for you and your partners. It good to have a project where one can work with the general public, as they are so wonderful to interact with. Thanks for selling my book!

Wishing you and yours, including all our blog friend a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Jon said...

Your blog is so full of creativity and your style of writing reveals a very interesting personality. Your customers are no doubt dazzled. I like your "leaving stones" when you visit graves of your friends and loved ones...whare did this come from? Very cool thing to do, I think.
Best regards, Jon on Vicksburg at Mississippi Garden on 11-23-07