* My Papaw White use to say:
"I'm happier than a dog with two peters."
* My Mamaw Margaret use to threaten us with:
"I'll knock you in the head and tell God you died."

And more:

* She always looks like she stepped out of a band-aid box. (rough, bad)
* Act like you got some raising. (manners)
* You're the spitting image of your mother/father. (look & act just like)
* She's madder than a wet hen in a tote sack. (really upset)

And some favorites:

* Sunday go-to-meetin' clothes (best dress)
* Fish or cut bait. (Do it or hush about it.)
* Egg-sucking dawg (person not well thought of)
* Juke joints (bars)
* Drunker than Cooter Brown (I never knew Cooter.)
* Well he/she's just down rite sorry. (person not well thought of or respected)
* Plumb fell off (lost weight)
* You sure are poor. (means skinny)
* Well, if that don't put pepper in the gumbo! (top all)
* He could tear up a railroad track with a rubber hammer. (being rough)
* You must of spit out that baby. (looks just like you)

* This one was used when someone said something (God forbid) rude or annoying:
"Well, thank you, Billy Sunday."

* Whenever I'd start 'wishing my life away,' my grandmother would always say:
"If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride."

* And here's the one a kid really hates to hear:


74WIXYgrad said...

I used to hear some of those growing up in Ohio.

Of course my kids could probably come up with some that their mother, who is a first generation buckeye, have said over the years.

Ambre said...

I have linked you to my page! You need more traffic coming through here. This is good stuff!


rdl said...

Wow!! The South is like a whole other country. :D