-4 to 6 green tomatoes, sliced 1/4-inch thick
-salt and pepper
-flour for dusting
-2 eggs, beaten
-cornmeal or bread crumbs
-bacon grease or vegetable oil

Salt and pepper the tomato slices; dust lightly with flour. Dip slices in beaten egg, letting excess drip off, then coat well with meal or crumbs. Fry in hot grease or oil until browned, turning gently (about 3 minutes each side). Keep warm in a low 200° to 250° oven if frying in batches.
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74WIXYgrad said...

I'll get Mrs74WIXYgrad hooked here yet. She loves her fried green tomatoes.

cathouse teri said...

Dayum, that looks goooooooood!

rdl said...

Smiles. I thought you did it for me. But we already make them here, but with red ones, will have to try the green since i have an abundance of them.

Bella said...

You just HAD to post that didn't you???


Sandy Carlson said...

I always wanted that recipe. You made my day.

BendingPeak said...

Awesome picture. I will stick with the movie and not the veggie.

Jon said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments...returning the favor and I'm really dazzled by your cool and neat blog. Your Fried Green Tomato recipe is one I will try tomorrow for sure...one of my very favorite dishes (and books too). Jon on 9-4-07

Liquid said...

Cathouse Teri:
I'll have to whip up a batch and invite you over for lunch one day! :)

Liquid said...

Yummmmmmm......I'll have to try the recipie with red ones too! Neva thought to do that! Thanks!
Oh, and you're invited to that lunch too! :)

Liquid said...

Yup, I sure did and you too are invited to the "Tomato Luncheon"! :)

Liquid said...

Glad to be able to share the delicous secret! You must come share with us a tomato lunch! :)

Liquid said...

Bending Peak:
You're invited for the company and conversation ..... I'll fry "something" up especially for you! :)

Liquid said...

And Jon:
Hope you enjoyed your tomatos and since you are the closest, via mileage, you can come a bit early and help me out in the kitchen for our luncheon! :)

LOL, to each of you......but wouldn't it be fun?!

Oh, and MRS.WIXY is invited too!