Raccoon Bandit - Hilarious!

This YouTube video features a daring heist.
But theft isn’t what you’re expecting!
When you live near the wilderness,
sometimes you get unexpected guests.

This sneaky raccoon is caught on camera.
It creeps into this house through a dog door.
Then it heads straight for the dog bowl.
But it can’t compete with the household cat and dog.

Raccoons are wild animals.
They naturally stick to wooded areas.
But they are also incredibly adaptable.
As man moved into their habitat, they didn’t run.
Raccoons have little problem living in urban environments.
These kinds of encounters are not uncommon!


June Saville said...

My heart is heavy after seeing your video. The human rash has claimed so many victims.
I'm an Aussie and our native species are disappeared faster than any other nation's.
But a few years ago each night I lifted as thousands of birds moved towards their rookery near my home. Now they're gone. Just one small example of a tragedy.
This message does come to you with loving energy - although tinged with sadness.

Liquid said...

Thank you June!

Djibril said...

This is moving, but also encouraging to be reminded that some of the world is still wild and outside of our control. (Earthquakes make me feel the same way, in a different manner.)

When I lived on reclaimed desert in SoCal I had several close encounters with Raccoons, which was kind of thrilling. One night a half dozen pups (cubs?) decided to come into my apartment to play. They were unutterably cute, but I was simultaneously aware that they were completely wild, and that I couldn't in any sense play with them. (If nothing else, their mother might turn up any moment.) But I still felt totally privileged to be that close to them for a little while.

Let's not ever kid ourselves that we own this world. We might have the power to destroy it, but that doesn't mean it belongs to us.

Sending positive loving energy. Dream well,


Tashai said...

I love how the coons use their "hands." That's why we don't have a cat door. Very tempting for those wild scavengers.

Diamond said...

Too funny...I love how he acted like he belonged there with his "hand" in the bowl!

Meghan said...

That racoon is the epitome of crafty cuteness.

Megan said...

When those things stand up, they are scary tall. That's all I have to say.

Christina said...

That was too cute!

Billy said...

we used to have them here in southeast looziana ... until katrina. fewer trees and fewer raccoons.