The Music Is Gone.......

I woke up this morning and my first thought was of you.
But we're done.
It is hard enough to end a loving relationship although that's not what we had.
Yes, once we shared an orchestra of sweetness.
But of late, we seethed of anger and shame.
I've cut loose my best friend.
Yet best friends do not hurt each other with words nor punches.
So I guess I've only lost a memory of music that we had.
I wish for you to dance in the rain again,
with some other fool.

My only wish is that I have learned the difference
between forgiveness and blame.


74WIXYgrad said...

May you find sweet rest in a bed stuffed with blue feathers.

And may the Lord comfort you and wipe away your tears. And may he send you angels to play sweet music for you.

Liquid said...

Thank you Cliff.
For the friendship.
Support through prayer.
And the multitude of comforting blue feathers.

You know this story from beginning to now it's end.

I cherish you
My friend!

Shadow said...

some friends uplift, others drain. better to stick with the uplifting ones. this is beautiful writing!!!

Liquid said...

Thank you, Shadow.

And some relationships, if allowed to ferment, become poision.

I sit here, accepting my responsibility for participating, allowing and becoming addicted to a man.

Deep thoughts and realizations going on in my heart and in my head today.

It's been a whirl wind.
I am just now regaining my strength and balance.

I appreciate you so much!

Michelle Dawn said...

Beautiful. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. and I thin you are a remarkable woman with so much knowledge and creativity I'm glad we are friends. You can only go up from here.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This is an amazing poem and friends come and go, some do drain and some inspire, I hope for you that you find peace and love in yours, if you're anything like your blog postings...you're next to incredible!!

Amias said...

Love is a hard roe to hoe, life is a good practicing field. Do whatever it takes to heal, and know that you are loved by many --- but all that love don't mean nothing unless you love yourself.

Here's wishing you and your beloved family, online and off, a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Liquid said...


Thank you for your support, courage and faithfulness. I too am grateful that we have become friends.

God bless you, many fold.

Liquid said...


Your words ring so much truth. I have made a profound and honest statement to someone who is capable of sucking the life out of a dead egg.

Off with his head if that's what it takes!

Thank you for your supportive comment and brilliance!

Now.........let us each go play in the frozen wet grass!


beth said...

Your words are so telling of the kind of person you must be, but it's your use of color and beautiful photographs that really paint the complete picture for me. Glad I found your site.

Liquid said...

And to my Dearest Amias,

You, whether you know it or not, have given me the wisdom and the strength to give my life what it takes to truly live.

The curtians have been lifted.
The fog has risen.
I am a new woman today.
God, it feels great!

You are my everything that I desire to be ....... when I grow up.

Thank you dearest one.
For, oh, so much.

Dem Bones!

Liquid said...


Welcome here and I hope you do return. Thank you for your sweet commentary......I'm real. Nuts sometimes, but, still the same ole' me.

Have a beautiful day full of blue skies above you!


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Very impressive writing. I'm sorry about its inspiration. I'll have a good thought for you...

DCup said...

This one really touches me. I hope you find peace.

coltfan said...

I hope you find true happiness in your life , that poem was very good .scary at the same time it is almost where Michelle and I were. On both of our parts. Thank you for bieng her friend and hopefully mine eventually once you get to know me.take care randy

Liquid said...

Hey Bud Weiser,

Thank you for the positive thoughts and wishes. It's like slaying invisible dragons, I swear.

Ub ya!

Liquid said...

D-Cup, dah'ling.....

You inspire me to live my thoughts.
I feel like a butterfly today.

Thank you for sharing your wings with me!


Liquid said...


Shazam........thanks for your insight and understanding. Day'um it......I am envious of your love and Michelle's love for one another. Make it work...just remember it takes TWO. One cannot support your world.

I look forward to getting to know both you and Michelle, even more.


Syd said...

This is a sad poem but then relationships that end are sad. It's like a death in so many ways. I hope that you dance in the rain too.

Liquid said...

Dear Syd,

I plan to, one day, with someone who can keep up with my beat.

Thank you for your insight and well wishes.

******Doin' a little Navaho rain dance at the moment****


Ghost Dansing said...

i don't know the whole story but it sounds like you got it right...... dead sound

Hale McKay said...

The way you traanslate things into words, whether prose or poem amazes me. I'm visiting here often, but am usually speechless, lest my comments pale before your offerings.

May God bless and watch over you and yours.

Ernest said...

"True friends stab you in the front."

Awake In Rochester said...

That's both sad, and beautiful. I appreciate you honesty, and openness I'm still working on how to forgive.

May God give you peace!

Akelamalu said...

Powerful and oh so true words.

The Milan Family said...

hang in there...good writing. cece

Michelle Dawn said...

Hey Liquid, if you get a chance email me or IM me on windows messenger (halet1073). I want to ask you a question.

Megan said...

Very well written. And sad. Sending good thoughts your way...

Shinade said...

I wish I could comfort you. I know the pain oh too well myself.

I send all that I have and that is my love.

Janet Campbell said...

I love your blog. It's an adventure everytime I click on it. Like biting into a chocolate. So I am passing along an award. Please go to my blog to pick it up!

NYD said...


Now go get yourself some 'Liquid' refreshment.

R2K said...

: )

Utah Savage said...

Come to my place and put the Amy Lavere song, Killing Him, on and play it over and over. If you have been together for a long time and he has done the same things over and over, you know what to expect. If you hate the thing he does over and over, keep this in mind--he will always be that guy.

SandyCarlson said...

I am sorry. I hope you won't hear sad music. I hope a marching band gets on foot in your heart and cheers you on to the right kind of happiness. Wishing you peace and loads and loads of love.

Christina said...

beautifully written

Jon said...

The twists and turns of life and the fickle finger of fate and the misalignment of the stars and other odd ingredients in our gumbo of existence often make what started out as something seemingly so right turn into a jinxed and rotten mess in the end. Shakespeare wrote knowingly about all that glitters is not gold and to our ownselves we must be true.
Not to worry, this too shall pass and you'll be the better for it one of these days. In support I lit a candle for you at Mass and said a little prayer. Hang tough!
Best regards, Jon at Mississippi Garden

Daisy said...

Ah, sometimes the music starts out on pitch but then it goes off key.

Hope you can find some new music to set your feet to dancing again. And remember dancing alone can be a celebration too.
Hugs to you.

Vanessa said...

I'm so sorry. As we loose people in our lives, by choice or situation, we grow from it. No one said growth was ever easy, but we come out stronger the other side from it. I hope you allow yourself a soft place to land as you move through transition and growth period in your life. HUGS