(Image courtesy of NASA)

I have been using the Internet for many years now and have been a blogger for oh, lets just say three and a half years.

Below you will find an email that I received a couple of days ago that left me staring at my monitor, jaw dropped, head tilted to the right, my eyes and forehead squinted in that

I am posting this because I hope you get a giggle out of it just as I

I have NOT clicked on any of these links, as I am sure that if I do, it will lead me to some huge virus depot, forcing me to attempt hurling my keyboard into space!
So, enter them at your own risk if you choose to do so.

I am not interested in a future situation where upon late at night I look out my window to see HUGE BEAMING lights descending into a landing position in my backyard.

I can just hear them now, whispering loudly over the roar of their mother ship,
"Oh, Liquid..................Oh, Liquid..............Come out from under your bed! We know you are blogging! Upon our approach we were reading you!..............Oh, Liquid....................come out and play with us!"

I have NO desire to communicate with, nor entertain little people with flat faces, no noses and slits for there mouths!
I don't care to send forward
with my thumbprint on it.


They are NOT invited to my house!!
Just NO, and thank you,
Mr. Arthur Stubbs.
And I mean that with the sincerest respect
I am capable of conjuring up regarding this matter.


From: Arthur Stubbs takeme@intospace.org
Sent: Thursday, October 2, 2008 12:27:01 PM
Subject: Dear Liquid, information concerning Project IntoSpace.org

Dear Liquid,
my name is Arthur Stubbs and I would like to draw Your attention to the Project "IntoSpace.org".
I have found Your contact email address on blogspot.com and my impression is that You are a respectable blogger.

That is why I have decided to make a cooperation proposal.

The Project is an unprecedented space advertising campaign that aims at compiling and sending a catalog of photos and logotypes into outer space.
Please, visit Project blog or on blogspot and consider special offer for bloggers.

Official site of the Project is intospace.org
Fell free to share this information with Your friends.

Appreciate Your time and best regards,
Arthur Stubbs
About the photo above:
This illustration compares the size of the newfound Neptune-size planets to the sizes of Earth and Jupiter. The new planets are only about 20 times the mass of Earth — much smaller than the majority of Jupiter-size extrasolar planets detected so far. Astronomers don't know if the new planets are rocky or gaseous, but a rocky planet (pink) would have a smaller diameter than a gaseous one (blue) of the same mass. (Image courtesy NASA)
The new planets, though approaching the Earth in size, are still far from Earth-like. Both whip around their stars in a few days and are so close as to be roasting on the side facing the star. Because each planet is so close to its star, its rotation is no doubt locked into its orbital period, so that it always presents the same face to the star, Marcy said.


Lidian said...

Oh my stars! That's quite an e mail.

Thanks for visiting Virtual Dime Museum!

I like your blog too, and look forward to reading more -

Ghost Dansing said...

it only costs $2.00 to go into space..... i'm saving my pennies.

SandyCarlson said...

Is there room under your bed for me, too? That's weird.

Deb said...

Well. I just about spilled my coffee as I read this. My first real visit here and this post reminded me of the Twilight Zone ;) So...you didn't go visit Mr. Stubbs? I don't blame you. But I do think it is a compliment to you and your artistic talents, which are impressive! Enjoyed my visit ~ I will be back!

G-Man said...

Don't go Liquid!!!! We love you here on this planet....*wink*

ozymandiaz said...

well damn
my only spam
is "be more of a man"
or "a financial plan"
or "free porn for Dan"
i get nothing like
an outer space hike
that your blog would like

Deb said...

So you attract the weirdos then, is that what your getting at? cause i get it. really, your a weirdo magnet.

Linda S said...

It's nice that someone thinks highly of you and your blog...I think???

Janet Campbell said...

I agree. Stay here and let the planets & stars revolve around the fabulous you!