When The Clouds Turn Pink.....

I contemplate
The power of
The poison I've swallowed.
The intensity of the moment.
The fruit
Is painfully beautiful.
I simply could not resist.
I am ready for sleep.
Please wake me when the clouds turn
I will be healed.
Inside and out
By the person
I was supposed to be.
If I do not find sleep,
Nail my knees to the floor.
Make me look into the sky.
Please help me see
What my mortal soul
Could not understand.
And then,
Please again,
Clean my wounds.
Hug me.
Even if I resist you.
And I will.
Give me permission
To let the tears fall from my eyes.
Allow me to be humble
And to feel vulnerable.
Drift with me to the moon.
Sit with me on it's edge
As our legs dangle over it ledge.
Let's together chase the shooting stars
In the middle of the night and just before morn'.
Catch them.
Release them.
As they too
Begin to weep.
Your balance adrift has become
My favorite drug.
I'm dizzy swept in your evasive love.
Find me a rainbow.
Show me what's really there.
At it's beginning.
At it's end.
Take me out
To play in the rain.
Help me to appreciate the sunlight.
Please, prevent me from crawling back into my shadowy "self".
Again, take me for a walk.
Deep within our woods.
Pick me a wildflower.
Place it behind my ear.
And then when I yawn sleepily,
Sing me a lullaby.
I love the way you mourn.
Rest here.
Beside me.
Embrace the moments we call peace.
Softly....Cause I need you to wake me
When the clouds turn


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Utah Savage said...


Hale McKay said...

A very nice post. I like your idea of going "pink" for such an important cause.

Liquid said...

Utah Savage: You give me faith - full- ness. Thank you.

Hale: I am not worthy, but this "cause" is.

Adore you both!

SandyCarlson said...

That is powerful, my friend. What a plea, what a journey, what a path! Wow. May you get there after enjoying the ride along the way.

Daisy said...

Lovely and moving poem, Liquid. :)

Liquid said...

Sandy: And it has been a painfully wonderous journey thus far. I'm off to play in the sunlight now! :)

Liquid said...

Daisy: Why thank you darlin'!

ozymandiaz said...

a beautiful somber piece.
such a tender thread

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Well done. In every respect!

Liquid said...

Ozy: I struggle most with balance. Tender and somber.........hmmmmph.......yeah, most of the time. When I am not going CRAZY!

Liquid said...

Bud Weiser: Why thank you, sir!