.....Oh Dear Lord....

I suppose this is where I admit to myself
and to anyone willing to read this
that I am in the midst of a mid-life challenge.

I spent the entire day, today, out pounding
the four streets in this little town,
looking for a job.
A regular job, that is.

Yes, I have a college education and a cosmetology license.
I also have a photography business that feeds my family, as well.

I am an artist,
And I guess you might say,
an overwhelmed, most of the time artist,
more than a few creative levels.

English major, hairdresser and photographer.

Put 'em all in a blender and what do you get twenty years later?
A bi-polar, whimsical woman, wishing to be a bit more NORMAL.
{{{Although, NORMAL freaks me the fuck out}}}}

Frenziedly seeking a job where she clocks in,
clocks out and goes home
with sugar infested dreams of
on Friday.

Is that so totally difficult?
{{{Yep........it is!!}}}


And hey,
to any of you out there who are seeking employment
in today's job market.


I am more exhausted from driving around from Temp Agency to Temp Agency,
looking for some type of clerical work that will simply get me out of this house, give me some menial form of guaranteed income, reguardless the lack of amount,
that just might possibly be available,
in this state of mine,

I do, however, draw the line the industrial job
available in the steel industry
that I was told I was
within the first 2 minutes of my handing over my resume
to the Temp service advisor.
(Didn't I design your hair for 8 years?)

Help me find relatively easier job anyway, hon'.
Do I look like a welder?


Oh Dear Lord.

I am exhausted from day one.
Anyone need a part-time housekeeper?
At this moment I am WILLING to travel!


Have a great day and kiss
your boss
on the cheek today
...from me!

he he he he he he he he he he he he



Maeve said...

Wishing you luck to find something quickly!

74WIXYgrad said...

"Overqualified" means "for whatever reason, we don't desire your services, but we don't have the stones to tell you the real reason we don't want you." Either that or the reason would violate EEOC rules.

Beat of luck in your search.

And no, I will not kiss my boss on the cheek. You may want to. He's a disabled Vietnam vet.

Daisy said...

Best of luck to you. This is a difficult time to be searching for a job. I recently re-entered the work force after having been out of it for more than twenty years. It is definitely a challenge to go back. There are not a lot of opportunities for a Creative Writing/English major (me) in a small town in the midwest. Hang in there, life goes on! When you do find a job, even if it may not be your choice of fields, don't forget to feed your creative soul in other ways. :)

Amel's Realm said...

Oh, GOOD LUCK to you in finding a regular job!!!

Are you sure you really need a regular job, though? I find that a regular job's not for everybody. Some people thrive more on getting a freelance type of job or his/her own business type of job.

Anyhow, it's definitely not easy to find a job these days. I'm basically not confident enough with my Finnish to try to get a regular job here in Sodankylä.

Crossing my fingers for you...and HEY, no need to be normal. What is "normal" anyway?

Let's just be our own quirky selves, shall we? And let's celebrate it!!!! ;-D


dons_mind said...

best of luck to ya on the job thing...it ain't easy, but if you stick with it, you'll find something..

as a temporary measure, stand in front of a mirror and practice the following phrase, "you want fries with that?" lol lol ;)

ps - you are certainly more than welcome to any of the toons...

fishing guy said...

Liquid: What an awful time to be out of work. It used to be during war years times were good for those at home. It doesn't seem tork that way any longer. What a mess Bush has made out of the country.

neferiti said...

Wishing you well! These are difficult times we are in! My brother use to work for Lehman Brother!

My heart goes out to everyone that in search of a job!!!

By the way your artwork on your blog is amazing!

Pietro said...

My best whishes for your job.
I enjoy very much the beautiful compositions and photos of your blog!

G-Man said...

Well...Don't go into the car biz!!
I work twice as hard for 1/2 the money since I started doing this 21 years ago...Bon Chance Ma Chere!!

SandyCarlson said...

Good luck, Liquid. I searched for eight months. When I got near the end of my rope, I finally knew the right answers to the interview questions! And I got a job.

Any local museums down there that could use your gifts?

Ghost Dansing said...

I know every engineer on every train
All of their children, and all of their names
And every handout in every town
And every lock that ain't locked
When no one's around.

King of the Road

Scarlet W. Blue said...

English major??? That is a curse! You will never get a job with that degree unless you teach.

I'm the dumb ass who majored in English AND history. I guess I always dreamed of being homeless?

Serena said...

I had to change jobs in April and although I got lucky, it's damn hard out there. Good luck, hon.

Don Iannone said...

Suzanne: Thanks for your stop at Poetic Alchemist.

Do you have an email address you can share with me? I might be able to help you think through some job/career options. No promises, but who knows where things might lead for you career and job-wise. I do this sort of thing often with folks. You can email me at: diannone@ix.netcom.com.

Best wishes,

Don Iannone

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh, dear.
I've always wondered why we must spend the majority of our waking lives encarcerated in a job, any job, just to make ends meet.
My best to you Suzanne and I hope today's the day.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, it makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

NEVER settle for "normal"!

But just the same, I wish you luck!

Janet Campbell said...

As an EX-senior mortgage underwriter, I just gave up. I do miss the big juicy paychecks and being able to fly off somewhere for the weekend or buying anything I want. However, now that I'm painting, I'd rather work at McDonalds part-time (and may have to) than go back to the cubicle and stress! I may be lured back in one day but for now I'm enjoying this time. I will say a prayer for you! PS LOVE the picture on this post!!

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I try to remember all of this everyday as i am reluctantly driving the 40 minutes to work - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sending you heaps of good wishes. You remind me how lucky I am to have a great boss.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I just found your blog - you rock as a photographer! Did you ever think of teaching? I'm putting you in my prayers so you find a job that gives you some cash but doesn't take your soul and stomp on it. You'll find something. Keep going....

DivaJood said...

I left the steady paycheck a month ago to work independently, as a Travel Consultant, in today's economy. Holy shit. Still, I had to do it.

Good luck!

Janet Campbell said...

Hey! I like your idea, my art on umbrellas! That could be your new job! wink wink! :) Have a beautiful weekend!

Gadfly said...


*beaming you good energy*

*and flares*

rdl said...

I would so hire you as my housekeeper/confidant/creativity co-conspire/gadabout/ dance partner/etc,etc; if i only could.
Hang in there. A good friend of mine here was in a similar situation after a bad divorce and losing her house and was now 3 months behind in her rent and is now working as a cashier at the local food store and liking it. She's been a realtor forever (but also creative spirit) and has now (cross fingers) just sold a house and might be ok now.
Just keep sayin: I think i can, i think i can - make that i know i can , i know i can.
good luck dearheat. I know you will be fine.

Utah Savage said...

I need a nursemaid. And I'm sorry to tell you this, you sound a bit too much like me for comfort. Same kind of resume, same kind of luck. Luckily for you it is not too late to change. I'm now stuck with myself. Do not, I repeat, do not turn into me.

La Framéricaine said...

I went out and got one of those.

I applied for 11 and only wanted one. Fortunately, miraculously, that one called me back.

I have walked in every day--minus some absences for a heart attack, prostate cancer, two and surgeries, funerals, multiple evictions and forced moves, "vacations", mental health days--to the same four walls for 11+ years.

I have 3 fewer claims to fame than have you--I don't have a degree in English, I am not a hairdresser, and I am not a card-carrying photographer.

The job is out there. It's waiting for you. If you want it, just keep beatin' the pavement and stickin' your hand out. Keep answerin' their inance questions and keep your eyes on the prize--the job, the routine, the paycheck, the rebellion in your heart that it will all engender. It's worth the effort. If it's what you want right now at this juncture in your life. It is a means, not an end. Go for it. Don't think about the not gettin', think about the gettin'.

Then, one day, you won't want it anymore, you will own what you went in there to get, and you will be walkin' out the door into the next thing that you want. I'm on my way out now and I'm freakin' but I wouldn't trade who I crafted myself into while I was inside.

Please notice my black-gloved fist in the air in solidarity with your quest, whatever you conceive it to be, chérie.