You know those days where you just do NOT want to get out of the bed?
Like, when you just lay there and can think of NOTHING that motivates you to even roll over?
Well, that's me today.
The sun is shining, I can tell this because it is brighter in my bedroom than it has been in about a week.
Still, I have no desire to go out and bask in it.
It's hot as hell.
MMMMM......there are cheescake cupcakes with blueberry topping on them in the fridge.
Nah, not even that seems worth the travel.
Heck, I'm just gonna end this post and go back to bed.
I wish each of you a beautiful day
with a bit more energy and motivation
than I can seem to squander.
and hug someone special today.
It's a good feeling.


ozymandiaz said...

Talk about not wanting to get outa bed
i reagrivated my back yesterday and this morning about couldn't get out anyhow which did nothing for my motivation being I had to come to work which is pretty much the last place I want to be.

74WIXYgrad said...

Cheese cupcakes with blueberry topping...Too bad I live too far away....You are speaking a language I know...I would even bring chicken.

Daisy said...

Hey Liquid, take a day off if you need to. Everyone feels that way sometimes. But don't withdraw from life for too long. You make the world a better place because you are in it. Your sense of humor, your spunk, your sass, and your sense of style make a lot of people smile, so don't hibernate too long, OK? Hugs to you! :)

rdl said...

I'd hug you if i could, then i would eat those blueberry cheesecake cupcakes. :D

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I can stand up and admit it here.
I love my bed and sleeping is bliss.
Hope you are more energetic soon but happy snoozing, with the air on and the fans blowing.