... i AM

Well, for the most part,
I am well,

Yet NOT!

If any of you track your hits,
via Feedjit,
you will notice that
has relocated.
starting fresh from outta' the old numbing zip code of

Had to happen for many, many, many reasons.

All is great and I have about
let's just say......
about 100 photos
of the past months journey on the road
to share with you.

They will tell a wonderous tale of how
ended up relocating to

This is all I'm gonna' give out in Bloggeritaville for now
because I have to get our new kitchen
organized and such.

I have missed you each,


rdl said...

well i'm glad you finally surfaced dearheart! can't wait to see the pics.

Scarlet W. Blue said...


Yeah, and I gave you an award you just totally blew off.

But since you're back, I am SO forgiving you.

Enjoy that new locale!

lotus07 said...

Dalton, Georgia....ugh...gonna be humid.

dons_mind said...

wow! quite a re-locate! welcome back to the blog world! missed ya and look forward to seeing those pics and hearing your stories...

good luck on settlin in.....

Jon said...

Best of luck to you in your new home, and I hope you are able to hit the ground running as you make a fresh new start. It is obvious to all that you are not only a survivor, but a winner. Keep us posted with your lovely and lively posts!

Best regards, Jon in Vicksburg, MS at Mississippi Garden

Amias said...

How are is this from Douglasville?

I am so very happy you are back beloved one .. and that your new life is beginning with a bang!

Blesses be to you and your love ones.

ozymandiaz said...

well it's about gal darned time you stuck your head up.
Hell, I aint been to Dalton in a coons age.
still the same?

Nit Wit said...

Oh boy your back!
Didn't know what happened to you.
Glad to see you have your priorities straight and got the computer on line before you mess around with the kitchen.
Blogging is more important than cooking and eating

74WIXYgrad said...

Just glad to see that you're back in the blog world where you belong.

74WIXYgrad said...

I go to Dalton often. But this Dalton's in Ohio, near Amish country.

Martha said...

Welcome back! I have missed you and worried about you!

SandyCarlson said...

I'm glad you're back--or not back but elsewhere living life with a story to tell! I'm looking forward to your photos!

Panaderos said...

I wish you nothing but the best of everything as you start a new life in Dalton. Take care always. :)

~Morgan~ said...

You're HERE!!!! I missed you oh so very very very much!! I look at my plate that was signed the day of our shower and just smile everytime I see your signature.

I miss my Liquid...aka you :)

Anonymous said...

Missed you girl!!!

Can't believe you...moved!


The Milan Family said...

well, i'm on your blog blarring 867-5309----what memories!!!!! love it! let me know how you are doing---you know how i worry.....xoxoxoxox

Daisy said...

Welcome back to the blog world, Liquid! You were missed. Best of luck to your fresh start! :)

Hale McKay said...

I echo everyone's comments in welcoming you back to Blogtopia.

Since I began visiting your site, i have suspected that you are a peach - now that you're a Georgia Peach - it's official.

Blage said...

Warmest wishes for a happy home. Can not wait to see photos.