I've Decided........

I need a pair of these and a big bag hanging in my bedroom.


74WIXYgrad said...

What? Whip not working anymore?;)

Utah Savage said...

Now I wish I had taken kick boxing, judo, karate, and spent more time on the firing range. But I'm such a scary old bitch with two big dogs on site that I feel safe enough to leave my door open at night and sleep like a very old baby.

I'm always glad to see you visit me. Sometimes I have trouble commenting at your place--can't get the comment window to open, and eventually give up, but I'm lurking around reading.

Leighann said...

Go for it! Good therapy, I say!

Nit Wit said...

I get the feeling that the camping calm has flown the coop.

Martha said...

Hey, I need that myself!

rdl said...

hmmm... is that so you don't beat the crap out of Mr. L?

fishing guy said...

Liquid: Certainly hope you get in a few jabs.

DivaJood said...

Pink Boxing Gloves. Shiny!

Liquid said...


I feel better now.

How 'bout ya'll?

RDL: you nailed me.

Wixy: Nope

Oh Divajood: like my lip gloss.

Mrs. Savage (Utah):
Woooooof! Woooooooof! and um, may I have sugar in me coffee? :)-
Love it when the Internet Trolls let you comment!

har har har


Oh, you soooooooooooo get a pair for Christmas!!

LeighAnn: Wanna' do classes in your area? You get a free pair of gloves if you host me party!

Nit Wit: Love you lots.
Just don't frig with me on even days. :)-

Me favorite Fishing Guy:
"Still reeling in the hits!"
te he hehhhehehehehete he!
Oh yeah, "jabs", I mean!

Love ya'll each!

Liquid said...