Taming Dragons....

(Original painting by Joey Horne)

From my heart,
I attempt to
tame a plethora of dragons.

that will continue to live in the way they do,
way beyond the days
I stop breathing fire too.
Oh, how the seconds fly
endless generations
of dragon's past.....present.....and future.
My love for my neighbors and the love of
my family,
rest solely on my sword,
or dropping, thereof,
I slice the moment with a desire and my plea,
to just let things.......


Give me strength to be heard
and to be felt
and most importantly,
to be understood.
I no longer hold my breath.


74WIXYgrad said...

You have the support of your blogging family!

Liquid said...

I'm following my heart today.
Which will probably turn around and bite me one the cheek of my butt.

Even my divorce becomes about everyone but "Me".


I just had a personal realization, again!

ozymandiaz said...

Damned hellofa load there
good luck with that
specially the understood part
I have found one person who kinda understands me and I'm stickin with em

Liquid said...


I highly recommend that you do......not everyone thinks of charming, much less attempting to tame dem' dammed dragons.


Utah Savage said...

Very elegant ordering of chaos and pain. When I write poetry it is either a long, scream filled with profanity. Or a challenge to a dual.

Liquid said...

I both respect and admire that, Ms. Utah!

goodnevilguy said...

I does get tiring sometimes having to live on a battle field ...

Bella said...

You have NO idea how I can relate!!!

SandyCarlson said...

I slice the moment with a desire and my plea,
to just let things.......


I feel these lines--with you and on my own. Your voice is incredibly strong. These dragons are relentless bastards, but you have done well to slay them and feed them to your muse.

Amel's Realm said...

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE this poem, esp. the last stanza. VERY powerful and yet calming as well. :-)))