Sweet Daisy....

~This is a re post ~

In celebration
of the life
and the passing
of my bestest friend
in the whole wide world.


{{{I'm a ding-bat}}}
I accidentally deleted the post trying to remove a duplicate photograph.

I want to thank you
each and all
for sharing your loving memories and comments
about your dearest pets.

One of my favorite was from Sandy
she said,

"Dogs Don't Go To Heaven ~ They Are Heaven"

You each
helped me pull through
yet another rough spot.

Thank Ya'll
So Much~



Martha said...


SandyCarlson said...

The one with the pups makes me cry! Wow.

Utah Savage said...

Just the thought makes me cry. My old cat (20+ years) died at the first of winter, and then after going down hill pretty fast, my old dog died at the end of winter. I still can't think of him with out the tears. But I'm a woman who needs a canine companion, so I got in touch with Best Friends Animal sanctuary and after a couple of months back and forth, they sent me an email that they'd be bringing a dog to a Salt Lake Adoption event they thought would be perfect for me. His name is Cyrus, and he spent his entire nine years in a shelter. He's an enormous old fellow, Rottie/Mastiff/Shepherd mix with the sweetest manners and disposition I've ever known. He's lived with me for two and a half months and hasn't barked once. He won't go outside without me. You can imagine if you never had a house before how much you might want to make sure you keep it. So we are joined at the hip, old Cyrus and me.

Liquid said...


Thank you........

Liquid said...


I just love your heart!

Liquid said...

Utah Savage:

Oh dearest........I understand what your feelings say. I think the most wonderful companions are those who, in their own journey, struggled and gained gratitude. When you've never had anything, you do not miss it.

But when you become aware of and begin to gagther your blessings, well.......heck, you tend to wallow all in it.......and are willing to protect it with your life. From your heart.

Most people I know, don't have a clue about that.

{{{{not speaking of my blogger friends.........man, you guys and dolls are all over this one! Love you each}}}}}

Utah Savage said...

Just so you know, I just saw this portrait of you. Am I wrong about that? Is it a self-portrait? Who's the photographer photographing you? Is this any of my business? Well..maybe not, but still...?

Liquid said...

Utah Savage:

Are you speaking of the one on the right?
"Self Portrait"
It is a painting.
I photographed the painting.

Yep......so it's a photograph of a painting I did of my self.

The Milan Family said...

dog spelled backwards: g o d

The Milan Family said...

dog spelled backwards: g o d