I was burning off all the paper products last night that are left over as you deplete your cupboards and fridge on a daily basis This is that thing I do to help spare our land from the numerous "Mt. Trashmore's" that seem to keep popping up in our state, which does not necessarily make me GREEN but I, in my own little mind, feel that I am doing something to "help" our earth. Anyway, it was during this ritual of fire that I was enlightened by a magnificent observation by a child. Yeah, we adults just "think" we know everything! Eli, my stepson was poking around in the fire with a stick, as most of us do around here when there's a fire a burnin', when he lifted it from the coals, and as it sent smoke into the air, he said:

"Did you know that smoke is Gods soul?"

{{{{Hobadigidetaflicka tish!}}}}

I cannot even remember what I was doing when he told me this but for a precious moment, the world and time stood still.

I looked at Eli and he was fixated on my eyes and then he so sweetly, simply smiled.

Now, I don't know what ya'll learned yesterday........

as we should each learn ONE new thing everyday,

but I was sent a message through an angel.

Ya'll have a good one today!

I'm looking for more stuff to burn!




rdl said...

Love it!! i loved burning all my brush this year! But don't they recycle down there?? I'm the recycling queen ( bent on savin this earth- somehow) paper,glass, cans, plastic. but then we have the added motivation that you have to pay at the transfer station (dump) by the bag.
also were there any marshmellows involved. :D

Nit Wit said...

Out of the mouths of babes.
I try to learn something new every day and am sometimes surprised to realize that a large percentage of the things I learn come from the children in my life. That's why I try to always make room for them.
I knew that fire had a soul but never considered that smoke was Gods.
I'm enjoying the music this morning.

goodnevilguy said...

That one comment from your stepson has been seared into your mind ... you will never forget it.

Those are the "good" things in our good and evil world that should make our smiles last a little while longer.

74WIXYgrad said...

I had to think about this one. But here goes. When the children of Israel were going throughout the wilderness, God led them during the night by a column of fire and during the day as a column of smoke.

Next thing I want to bring light to is that in order for us to get the full benefits of God's blessings, we have to have the faith of a child.

This angel who sent this message to you through a child wanted to tell you that God is with you and wants you to rely on Him for your answers.

You have a great day also

Daisy said...

Out of the mouths of babes! Wow! Thanks for sharing this. It was a day brightener for me. :-)

I enjoy your blog and your music. Hope you don't mind, but I'm adding you to my blog roll so I can find you again.

Serena Joy said...

Boy, talk about out of the mouths of babes. What a purely beautiful observation for that little boy to have made. The simplest philosophy is always the best.

Hope you're having a great Mississippi Sunday.

billy pilgrim said...

so god has a soul.

who knew?

Panaderos said...

Very wise kid. :)

I recycle paper, bottles, cans, and plastic bags. My county picks them up every couple of weeks. Has worked out well so far. I guess we all have to do our bit to save the planet.

Take care. Have a great week ahead. :)

Liquid said...

Oh sure, we recycle down here!
I just love burning stuff!
Marshmallows? Nope. Just a little quiet, observation time.
Savin' the marshmallows for you!
(And Amias...)


Liquid said...

Nit Wit:
I know, right? I am soo not "pure" enough to come up with this stuff!

Life and Death..........dancing together, to create, God's soul.

Does it get anymore beautiful than that?



Liquid said...


It is etched into my heart and on the back of my eyelids. I will carry this bit o' information for the rest of my memorable days.

Liquid said...


So true. God knows that I have not been easily accessed these days.

Dang................He's good!

Liquid said...

Hello Daisy:

Thanks for visiting here! I will return the favor(s).

Bless your heart!

Liquid said...

Serena Joy:

Keep It Simple, Stupid.


Why do I always complicate things?

Missed you but glad you are back.
This gives me another reason to be happy.

Bless you!

Liquid said...

Billy Pilgrim:

Yep, Eli said so. That makes it the "God's honest truth"!

Thanks for visiting!


Liquid said...


The most sincere form of innocence.......a child.

I'm getting ready to burn again!


Bella said...

I always say that I am going to write down all those special little things my boys do. So far, I haven't been too good at it. =(

Ghost Dansing said...

kids make good messengers...... angels indeed. it is wonderful that you are attuned to those special moments...... everything is going to be alright......

Liquid said...

Dang you lookin' good!
Blog it darlin' ...........

Really good to see you!

Liquid said...

Ghost Dansing:
You right!

I just love you spilling your drinks in the video bar!


SandyCarlson said...

Kids are closer to the Truth than we ever give them credit for. Keep burnin'!

Liquid said...

So true and will do!


Amel's Realm said...

For some reason I'm SO drawn to the picture. ;-D

And that's a BRILLIANT comment about smoke!!! WOW!!! :-))))

Liquid said...


I thought the painting, also, to capture the childlike innocence of the moment. It radiates the soul of wisdom to me.

Thanks gal!

dons_mind said...

simply wonderful.