My Views On Gun Control....

Although I think it very wise for my Father
and others closest to me,
to take away and with hold arms from me during the past 3.5 months,
my views, in general, coincide with the beliefs below.
be aware of this issue.
Fight for your Second Ammendment Right!
We're gonna' need 'em!


74WIXYgrad said...

The Archie Bunker clip just showed what Norman Lear wanted us to see. He portrayed Archie as a conservative wacko. Norman Lear is completely the opposite as a liberal.

Having said that, I do believe that the second amendment should stand, and if honest, hard working American citizens feel that they need to, they should be able to carry a gun.

In Ohio we have a conceal and carry law but most business establishments have signs outside their doors that prohibits the carrying of any "dangerous ordnance," which leads me to wonder, what good is this law if you cannot take a gun anywhere?

Amias said...

Here in Texas we need a conceal and carry law.

I will not give up my gun and believe that everyone should have a right to protect themselves and family.

On the other hand Liquid, it was good that your father took yours away temporary. But just in case, I have extras!

lime said...

my 17 yr old daughter is already talking about getting her concealed weapon license when she turns 18. hehehehe. she's been hunting since she was 13.