Happy Birthday Bella!

Ya'll go on over to Bella's blog,

.......It Is What It Is............

and wish her a wonderful day!

Then everyone come back over here and help me eat this cake

and drink up these Mint Julips!

We all know and love the fact that Bella is Green

so I thought them to be the perfect drink

for a party on such a fabulous spring day!

Also, loved the cake because it was also Green,

in that it is as beautiful as Bella

and just as sweet.

"Dah'ling...May every hallway be a runway for you, today!"


Bella said...

That cake is beautiful! You do know how to throw a party now don't you? Of course, most Southern women do! I'll start by cutting the first piece...
Luv ya,

Liquid said...

Yum......it is delicious!

Happy Birthday!

rdl said...

You sure do know how to throw a party Liquid Stewart..
mmm everything was delish!

SandyCarlson said...

I did as I was told and paid my respects to the birthday beauty. Now I'm back for a hunk a cake.

These are some beautiful gifts here. It's good to have bloggin' friends.

What a party. Do I have to work tomorrow?....