A Gift So Special....

There are some people in this big ole' world we live in
that never cease to amaze me.

Click on this link to see what I mean.

I am
the love
of a true talent
such a special friendship
found here!


Amel's Realm said...

WOW!!! Those are VERY beautiful. I'm really bad at handicrafts, so I'm amazed! :-))))

Cheers to WONDERFUL friends! ;-D

X said...

Thanks for the comments! I appreciate it.

I'll have more up starting on Monday.

And do tell people about my blog. I'd appreciate it.

Liquid said...

This girl is amazing at what she does. I have visited a few "Like" blogs that I found through Tassy and let me tell you..........
Tassy's gift blows me away!
Most of the others are slight in comparrison.
Now, I say that in the most respectable way manageable....to each of those who share her creative gift.

I am so grateful that I found her and that she has become such a wonderful friend!

I have and will continue to order specifics from her........she is ABSOLUTELY the BEST at hand made cards and giftings.

I recommend you take the time to ponder her entire blog to see the way she creates her magic.