So I spent the better part of today laughing at myself.
Yeah, I've been pampered beyond belief for the last week at my girlfriend Leigh's.
I can no longer type with my new nails.
I have re-hit parts of mysef with a razor that I haven't even looked at in months.
I am drinking water like there is no drought in the Southern part of the United States.
I did 50 sit ups for NO reason at all.
I walked to get the mail without a bullet proof vest.
Then I walked the remainder of my drive way with my chin up.
I doused myself with lotion and SPF moisturizer to protect my new tan.
I did not blog until 9:29 p.m.
Nor did I even check my email until 9:00 p.m.
So there you have it.
Oh Dear Lord.....
I love the new me!
I just adore Leigh and Ron, and now have visual proof that there is a possible balance
in that thing I used to know of romance.
They are both very strong, successful and wonderful individuals.
They, along with the satirical humor of Stephanie and the beautiful, believing eye of Mo,
They each helped me shed not only layers of yuck, skin, water gain, anger, sadness, stress and YEARS.....
but gave me back,
the chick
I remember as being...
As you each know.........I believe in the angels that walk this earth.
Leigh, Ron, Stephanie and Mo.........
I do love you each,


Martha said...

So glad you had a wonderful pampering day! Continue taking care of YOU! I learned that that is so important.

SandyCarlson said...

Most definitely angels! Sounds like a wonderful time. Keep that chin way up! God bless.

Chelle said...

You have always been, and will always be, beautiful...inside and out. But, I am so happyto hear that YOU have finally found waht the rest of us have seen all along...YOURSELF!
There are truly angels that walk among us every day and you have been an angel to me in my darkest hours and I soooo appreciate it.
Now, can you lend me THESE angels that worked on you 'cause I think I ned some of that pampering myself~LOL
Love you girl, hold your head high, you should not be fearful to live your life the way YOU want to live it...
catch ya later!

Blage said...

Glad you are getting some pampering and feeling more like yourself. Good friends are priceless..no doubt!

Jessica said...

That was so refreshing to read!! Happy for you....


Frasypoo said...

Its time to make you feel important!!!!

rdl said...

Wow! all sounds good, cept ?No bread? really?? other than that i'd like to hang there too. hey i just remembered that you were in my dream last night!!

Bella said...

This is GREAT!!!

We all can learn something fromt this!

Take care sweetie,