"The Liar's Diary", by Patry Francis

Look what I recieved in the mail!
I won a book through RDL's blog,
I love gifts and wow, is this book a great gift!

From Litpark:
If you already know Patry Francis , I don't need to tell you what a wise and generous writer she is. If you don't know her yet, take a trip over to her blog, Simply Wait where she writes about her life with inspiring, unsentimental candor.
Patry is one of the pillars in the writers community, who knows the long haul of writing a book and taking those rejections and reworking the book and knocking on doors - and somehow, even experiencing these blows, she manages to show grace and compassion and joy. One of the best thrills I know is to see folks who are both great writers and great souls get their breaks in the business. So when it happens to someone you love, someone you've been rooting for, and during the time of celebration, you find out they got diagnosed with cancer ,what do you do?
If we could cure her, we would. We have to leave that to the doctors. But can we take up the job of promoting her book so she can focus on getting better? Yes, we can!
Litpark loves Patry Francis.
This is where you come in! On January 29th THE LIAR'S DIARY was released in paperback.
I highly recommend you puchase a copy of this book to enjoy for yourself
and it is also one of those books you'll want to gift to a friend!
So buy two or three copies!


rdl said...

so glad you're enjoying it dear. It is a pageturner!

SandyCarlson said...

You sold me. I'm going to have a look.

Happy Easter!

rdl said...

Hey Suzanne, Panaderos says Hi via my blog. Are you open again, if not send him an invite.

GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

Gel(Emerald Eyes)Lucky you! Patry is definitely a gifted writer! It's interesting and even heartwarming, how intimate the blog circles can be among we artists and writers. It often feels like life circles.

My computer crashed amongst life "stuff" found Amias again, another writer whose book Mind Locks I intend to order. Shortly after finding my friend Amias again, you popped in on my blog.

I'm enjoying perusing your blog. I've enjoyed meeting another artist. Your self-portrait is intriguing. It's strong and I love the Picasso like line work. THe splashes of color on your face take me out of thinking a "blue period." Very nice! Is it done in acrylics or mixed media with pen in ink or ?

Gel { * * }
(It's hit or miss whether Blogger will accept my typepad url so I put the correct link at the beginning of my comment because my blogger account is only used to be able to comment on blogger.)