It just ticks me off when...
My music is interrupted!

It seems that my not-so-new,
has managed to infultrate my blog.

I "dig" smart-ish people!
I so respect that since I also "illegally" entered her MySpace page
and consumed all of her ignorant, yet useful, documentation
of her daily, and in total detail (gross),
affair with my husband.

So this is what I have to say to you,

Please create yourself a Google profile,
an honest one,
and join the bunch.

We are like family here so.....
I welcome you.
I have prayed for you and your husband and your children,
more than you can imagine!

I have known,
since I found out "who" you really were,
two weeks ago,
that you would not put up with his low life,
bottom feeding ass,
for too long.

Welcome back to society!

And good luck with your "Tubiligation Reversal" on March 31, 2008.
(Although, you probably shouldn't screw other men, especially married ones, after that....)

Watch your moves while you are visiting here though.......
I'll be watching you.......as usual.

I am older and I am wiser and I am certianly much more beautiful than you.
Inside and Out.
{{{{{{Ouch, I know that hurts,
but hey,
Zsa Zsa..........
no pain, no gain, right?}}}}}}

Welcome here,
and do not be ashamed of where you went...........
I've been there too
and I forgive you.



Anonymous said...

WOW. That smarts. Nice zinger.


Mother Dear said...

OUCH!! You go, girrrrl! Love the picture, it's so appropriate!

kasper794 said...

OUCH!!! I love it! You go girl, I love the photo! IM me sometime kasper794@yahoo.com

SandyCarlson said...

That's the photo to beat all photos. Beautiful.

Does this misguided child of God have a mailing address? My daughter has outgrown her kiddie Monopoly, and it might just be up her (dark) alley. It shouldn't be toooo challenging.

Hey, I'm glad you're still in biz with this awesome blog.

LL said...

Heh heh heh heh! Girl, you're killin' me. That picture ROCKS!!

Mo said...

You go, girl.....

rdl said...

Wow!!! you go girl!!

Amias said...

This is awesome! Kick ass and take names --- !

Chelle said...

lovin you girl!
beautiful picture of a beautiful soul~

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Walkin' like an E-gyp-shee-en around the with Suzanne who takes no prisoners :D
Sorry for that mess honey :(

Liquid said...

Thank you each,
It has been resolved.

"No need in fighting over something neither of you want anyway."