Global Incident Map....

Now, this is what I call,
Thanks Jack!
When you click on the link above,
a World Map
comes up showing what strange and dangerous things
are happening right now in every country
in the entire world
and is updated every few minutes.
You can move the map around,
zero in on anyone area and actually up-load the story of what is going on.
It is amazing when you can see the things that are happening
right here in the
United States of America.
Possibly, right in your own state or even your city!

Global Incident Map:
There is a lot happening in our world every minute.
This 'map' updates every 300 seconds...
constantly 24/7.
Ta Da!

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Panaderos said...

Awesome site. Goes to show the state of the world we live in. And I guess the info shown is only based on reported incidents. Who knows how many unreported incidents are out there. Sigh.