Screw That.....

Indecision, may, or may not be, my most sincere issue.

I just cannot decide.

But I refuse to run away from here and stick my head in sand that I cannot even find!

I am me.

I am here.

And, I am bigger and better than the crap that is going on in my life.

I am Blogger, so, hear me ROAR!


Love me,

or leave me.

Your choice.

If I get yucky, well, then, YOU choose whether or not YOU want to revisit me.

This, I can handle.

Love you each and thanks for your patience and understanding right now.

When the final day comes for my divorce, I am gonna' throw
one heck of an online party!

Looking for a caterer, on Google, right now!

Any special requests for menu items?


Wixy, I am putting you in charge of the chicken.

Amias, please tell me you can cook greens.
And put Robert in a duffle bag and bring him too.
I know CPR if he needs it upon arrival.

RDL, you are in charge of the wine.
Oh, and bring Patry with you.
Train tickets will be awaiting you (both) at the station.

Tassy, I need you to make name cards for everyone.

Chelle, you are in charge of security.
No drugs allowed.

Sandy, I need you to do a write up for the festivities.

Mo, you are in charge of photographs.

Leigh, I need you to help me make lists of things to do, in order.

Ron, you just need to show up, lookin' good!
'Cause that's what Cabana Boys do.

Big Guns, um, I need a body guard for the event.

Stacie the Peanut Queen, please attend and bring Memphis Steve with you.

Bella, you're in charge of the hospitality and lip gloss.

Frassy, please bring colored powder to mix with water so we can throw
it on each other.

Martha, Cliff may need help bringing all that chicken.

Mother Dear, bring the precious "little one" with you.

Jon, I will need floral's from your garden.

Stephanie, you're in charge of games.

Nickbadway, bring the family.

Kasper794, I need you to come up with some fun surveys for us to par-take in.

Sindi, I am sending the big helicopter for you and Michelle.
Ya'll will be in charge of the pets.....so, bring 'em all!

Wendy, you bring your motorcycle!
I have helments for everyone.

Struke, I need you to bring Wixy and Martha in your Prius.
Oh, and please pick up Bella,
when you hit Alabama!

Greg and Ronna, ya'll just come home....and bring Maddy!

Bear, you are in charge of the movies!

Aimee, I'll pick you up!
Warren, bring some snowballs from Canada,
so we can cool off with flavored snowcones.
Jack, you are in charge of the music and video.
Amel, you are in charge of the Indo/Chinese food.
Jessica, you bring us the bird food, please.

Diamond, you are the designated water girl.

I (we in the South) need as much as we can get!

I think that's pretty much it.

I'll let you know if there is something I have left out after Leigh helps me with my list.

{{{{Oh, Leeeeeeeeeeeeeigh?}}}}



74WIXYgrad said...

First, I want to wish you a happy 1001st post.

Next, Martha and I will have to get Struke and his Prius(that'll make Bella happy) to help us haul all that chicken down here.

And finally, YOU GO GIRL!!!

Amias said...

Miss Suzanne', ya'll know I can cook them there greens ... I be a country woman, I be cooking some of them there peach and apple cobblers, ham hocks and turnips, sweet potatoes pie, chicken and dumblings, ya'll name it Miss Suzanne' and I be the one to prepare it. Robert say he will be there too, but more in a straight jacket, than a duffel bag. LOL!

You got to used your personalities to help you through this mess --- call life. It's OK...we all have a indecisive personality, it's necessary.

Liquid said...

I LOVE turnip greens so no matter what fancy shit is served......I MUST have greens! But I do know it takes "true talent" in the kitchen to make them properly.

I must have been socializing the day my Mamaw tried to teach us her secrets.

I did not mean any disrespect when I wrote that. My Mother just sucks at cooking them.


Liquid said...

OK, bring all that GOOD stuff and what ever it takes to get Robert here too! :)

I love your bones!


74WIXYgrad said...

Oh, and Amias, If you decide to stay in Houston, just fix the food and I'll stop by for dinner.

After a few email exchanges today, Liquid may not let me eat that stuff.

And Struke will get to sample some of the chicken I plan to bring when we get together for the first time next week.

Mother Dear said...

Count us in! As long as you leave the scrambled hamburger meat and french fries off the menu ! :)

Sindi said...

For you, anything you ask of me will be done. Chicken, music, dancing, someone else cooking besides me and some one stuffed in a duffle bag that sounds like fun to me. Count me in! :) HE HE HE HE

kasper794 said...

I'm in will be waiting for the helicopter. LOL I'm with Sindi.

Mo said...

At a girl....I knew your will to be you would come thru...I would be honored to be your photographer in whatever you want to do....count me in!


Chelle said...

Security is it my darling...it definitely will not be the first time I had to flush someone's 'stuff' down the toilet...oh the heartbreak on his face but the fear in his heart when he discovered what I had done...!
I love you girl and am glad to see that you are staying in tis world with us...
Remember....this too, shall pass!
Party time...
Hey, please tell me the location is far away from the hill...I might be recognixed if'n I get to close to home..LOL

Struke said...

Suzanne...you are awesome. During my spring break next week, I'll be in my little Prius on the way to Cliff's neighborhood for some tasty chicken.

SandyCarlson said...

You made my day. I just logged into email quick to print something before I take my daughter to school. I had to check out your comment and trace my way back to your blog.

You roar! We're with you.

God bless.

Amel's Realm said...

BRING IT ON!!! I'll prepare delicious Indo/Chinese stuff and hot chili HE HE HE HE...;-D

Tassycrafty said...

congrats for the post! I think im late reading this, so is it too late to make your cards? I think i know vintage ones will be the ones you like:)))

GR&M said...

Hey Suz-
We'll be there and Maddy will have bells on. Great new picture at the top of the page.

Martha said...

OK...so see how long it took me to realize that you didn't really shut down??? 5 days. Yes, I know I'm dumb. Can a bad week be a good excuse here?? I've been really busy too... Yes, I know...no real excuse.

ANYWAYS CONGRATS!!!! And, I am on my way with all the chicken I can carry.

Liquid said...


It's gonna' be one spectacular day!

And dang, I'm lookin' good!
{{{{{Thanks to all a' ya'll!}}}}