You cannot imagine how wonderful it feels
to sit down in front of my computer,
log into Blogger
and click on "new post".
Ahhhhhhhhhh to feel great again,
appropriately sums it up.

I would first like to thank each and everyone for the love and support you have shown here, for me, during this challenging little pit stop in my life. Your prayers, comments, and supportive emails are a major part of what has helped pull me through a personal hell.

I am forever grateful and hold each and every one of you
to my heart.


It is so hard not to blog!

I, even while I mudddled through hell,
(And this ain't my first rodeo...)
found myself surrounded by so much beauty and inspiration
that it became unbareable for me
not to not share it here,
with each of you.


That being said,
It's good to be baaaaaaaaaaack!

Thank you each again,
so very much,
for your love and support.

Beautiful days are here and I am beginning to live within them agian!




74WIXYgrad said...

Imagine my delight to be able to click on "Liquid Illuzion" on my bookmarks and to be able to know that one of the dearest friends I've never met is back to blogging.

Your posts brighten my day and your friendship brightens my life.

I thank God, not only for the prayers of many, but the strength He has given you to be able to go through a very trying time.

Liquid said...

Thank you so much, Cliff!

Thank you for your precious heart and many prayers that flowed from it.

Thank you!

Carteach0 said...

I am very, very new here (today....)
Still..... I know enough to be glad for you.


kasper794 said...

It's great to have you back. I can't say much more than I agree with Cliff.

Amias said...

I echo what Cliff said .. and then some!

So glad to see you back blogging, as it is very healthy for ya!

Much love my sister ...

Chelle said...

Thanks Suzi Q....I did miss you somuch. I checked this blog every day to see if you were back. I know that you had to take that time off to "recover" and I supported you the entire way and prayed for you daily.
Great to see you here again....
Much love & can't wait to get to Mississippi to see you again....I need a great hair cut and am doing my best to hang on until I get down there again and let you have the honor (or horror LOL).
Love, Chelle

LL said...

Glad you're back at it, sugar.

Panaderos said...

So glad to see that you're back, Suzanne. :) Take care.

rdl said...

It's great to have you back!!!

Liquid said...


Welcome here! I think you'll find it, nonetheless, amusing.
Thank you for stopping by!

And I recommend that each of you check out his site as well!
I'm impressed! :)

Liquid said...


I just love visiting your blog. You too, brighten my day!

Liquid said...


I have feathers, not words for you my sweet.

Liquid said...


You are one of (and a very special) portion of what I already miss the most about the (our) past. There are sooooo many.

Come see........I got you coverd with the hair digs! I love you too!
From my heart.

Carteach0 said...

Oh man, now I am blushing.... good work....

Thank you.... :)

Liquid said...


When I grow up, I wanna' be just like YOU!



Liquid said...


I am now living my love life, vicariously through your parents.

Thank you for all.


Liquid said...

And last but sooooo not least.......


So I hear........"There's a midnight train to Georgia!"


Blage said...

So very glad you are back. Missed your posts a great deal. Thanks for voting for me also.
Fare thee well,

Liquid said...


Hey hon'! Thanks for your support.
I'm checking into the gallery you suggested.....sounds great!