I thought this was really neat.

I found it over at RUSSIN' ROUND-UP

You need to check out this chicks page....

Tons of fun stuff and a great gathering of personal posts.

What Your Handwriting Says About You

You are highly energetic. You are a passionate, intense, vigorous person.

You are somewhat outgoing, but you're not a natural extrovert. You think first before you act. You tend to be independent, rational, and logical.

You are extravagant, over the top, and indulgent. You set trends and influence people.

You need a bit of space in your life, but you're not a recluse. You expect people to give you a small amount of privacy, and you respect their privacy as well.

You are a free thinker. You are unique, open minded, and artistic. You don't care what other people think.

You are a decent communicator. You eventually get your point across, but sometimes you leave things a bit ambiguous.


THE SCRIBE said...

That was fun. You and I had a lot of the same feedback...

kasper794 said...

Awwwww! thanks for the compliment. I really enjoy your page also. Have a great day!

Sandy Carlson said...

I'll give it a try.