The Recipie For My Personality....


I was tagged by Russin' Round Up with this meme.
I just could not resist!
I love this idea so I'm going to tag the following people:
(thank you for the vision)
You know, Kermit The Frog was born in Leland, Mississippi, right?
I've actually been to his birth pond
with my dearest friend in the Delta,


74WIXYgrad said...

Okey dokey. I will give it a whirl.

Bella said...

I think I need a shot or two of that!

:) Bella

Amias said...

This was fun ...

dons_mind said...

hey! thanks for dropping by my blog and also thanks for the kind words...i find that laughing is important and beneficial to life!

nice place you have here...i'm a bit rushed at the moment, but i'll be back to do some perusing..... :) :)

rdl said...

I can't wait to sing that with you. :D