A Morning Prayer....

"Lord, make me a blessing today.
A blessing to someone, I pray, in all that I do.
In all that I say.
O, make me a blessing
dear Savior, today."
Last night an old friend stopped in to see me.
Just to kinda' hang out and such.
The children were calm and they too have known this person all of their lives
as this friend is like family to me.
And when I think about it, my family is so wondrous and extended.....anyway.....

During their visit I noticed something different about my friend.
Sure they have maintained themselves well over the years, but that wasn't it.
.......I noticed a light about my long lost pal, a spark of sorts, for lack of a better term!
I found myself so at ease and relaxed
and just felt at peace while in being in their presence.
(And I cannot begin to tell you how refreshing that feels!)

Later into the visit, they then began to tell me of a personal experience,
although quite vague,
that required me to read the book of Jonah in the Bible.


I can manage that before bed.
As they assured me it was only two or three pages in its entirety.

I can do that.


Both of us, I might add, become quite smitten when it comes to things of old.
So, I led my friend over to a book case that contains a multitude of Bibles
belonging to several generations of women in my family lineage.

Randomly I chose the Bible, third from the left, and gently pulled it out.
You must understand that some of these Bibles are no less than seventy or seventy five years old!

I know, right?

As I pulled the Bible to my chest and headed off to bed,
(oh, and by the way, my friend had already left for the evening...)
I did just as I had promised that I would.
Per their request, I would read the book of Jonah.

We agreed that the next time we spoke, they would tell me of the underling personal account they had had with this particular book.

So, off to bed I go with Daisy, my lab, to bed looking forward to reading.


As I am gingerly handeling this old Bible,
in attempts to find the book of Jonah,
this piece of paper keeps falling out.

On my third or fourth attempt to place it back exactly where it had come from,
I took notice of the beautiful handwriting on this aging piece of paper.
So fluidly it was written, no mistakes, clear and simple was this note,
written by
Susie Mae New.

Let me just say this...I have uncovered a treasure!
A time capsule of sorts!
I am not sure if it is a just a "Southern" thing,
or not,
but around here, and as far as I know,
one's Bible is the place where we are known to store most of our family's history.
Such things as writings and paper cut outs or on cards.

It is in the tender pages of our personally monogrammed Bibles,
that was gifted to us on the date of our Baptisim,
by a family member
that is lovingly close to you and in your blood line,
that we store our little treasures of ancestry in.

It protects and keeps accounts of the precious details of our ancestors.
All that I found in this particular Bible is both precious and priceless to me.
It is becoming.....pretty special stuff.

above is the note
and the prayer,
that kept falling out, from within it's pages.

I decided it was fitting for a morning post and wanted to share it with you today.

A simple and loving prayer to start your day with.

Much love to each of you
Be a blessing to someone today!

(Mea Cupa)


74WIXYgrad said...

Such a good story to start the week with. Just remember that Jonah could not get out of the belly of the whale by himself. He needed the help of God, just like we all do to get through our troubles.

No matter what the circumstances were that got us into trouble, we serve a loving God who is always willing to help us out.

Amias said...

You did well Liquid, indeed this is a thought provoking and profound post --- the journey you took to find this prayer, is as important as the book it mentioned, and the story therein --- to the person that inspired the journey.

There are times in our lives when we have more pity for materials things, that do not last, than we have for humanity. Some of us do think that we can run away from life.

The story of Jonah is particular interesting to me, as he stayed in the belly of the whale as long as Jesus's body stayed in the belly of the earth. I have found these two historical men, as one compares with the other --- in this respect, as I compare the Bee and Ant colonies -- all working for the good of one, one working for the good of all --- and some of us will fall, but we can get up again. Some of us can run away, but we can be found again and put on the right path.

You have been a blessing to me today, indeed, you have given me pause to look back and see that all journeys don't bring happy ending to everyone, but they do comes to an end ---- where choice becomes our friend, and we can make amends with our Creator --- we can be spared and our Creator can make things right in our lives.

Thank you. Here's hoping you have a good day, and I embrace your prayer to begin my day ... "Lord, make me a blessing today.
A blessing to someone I pray in all that I do.
In all that I say.
O, make me a blessing
dear Savior, today."

rdl said...

Thanks for sharing that. Nice post. can't wait for the follow-up.

Panaderos said...

That was very beautiful, Liquid.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I enjoyed this post. It gives me hope.