Susie Mae New
This is a photograph that sits on a shelf in my home.
I inherited plenty memories of past when I moved in here.
I hope you enjoy the story as it unfolds below through each post.
It is interesting to see what you might find
in a Bible so old.


74WIXYgrad said...

All these photos are indeed a blessing.

Amias said...

I envy your family history Suzanne, the majority of my family history is mostly in the stories my families has passed down griot style. I have written down as much as I can remember, but it hard to pass on when no one is listening.

You are so blessed with such rich family history.

Liquid said...

Dear WIXY,

You are absolutely right! It has opened a wonderful door for me to the past that sits daily, right under my nose.

Dearest Amias,

I wonder if the folder in my email account, that stores each and EVERY email that you have ever sent me, will be as special to someone 70 years from now.{{{smiles}}}

Sindi said...

I loved seeing all the pictures. I have a big Bible of mine own, that I am trying to start that tradition in my family, to pass down. I think that family memories are the best and should be charished. My Grandmother did also but no one else in the family care enough to listen to her stories, besides me.

Thank you for sharing this sp0ecial piece of your family.

I also do the same as you do, I love to keep e-mails from friends to save for another time. God Bless.