This story was written by Shea Few with Meridian Plus Magazine
November 1-7, 2007


The story behind Around the Corner goes much farther than the reopening of a loved and respected home accessories boutique in downtown Meridian. It is a story of character and dedication and above all the love and respect these four women have for one another. They are four sisters of the heart working together and loving their new lease on life. "We're all family," said Suzanne H. Crenshaw. "Cousins and sister-in-laws, but we go far deeper than that."

Around the Corner's journey to rebirth began about 6 months ago when Dawn Dobbins, with Wrangler and Lott Furniture called Crenshaw, Susan Harwell and Gina Miller and asked them to come help with a 'project' downtown. "No one could have told us a year ago that we'd be here," said Crenshaw. "We were each fighting our own private battles when this opportunity came along."

Those battles included loss of a spouse, personal battles with cancer and more. "I had been home for a year," said Crenshaw, who had worked for 19 years as a hairdresser. "So when Dawn called and asked me to come downtown I dropped everything and went to work. It's been so much fun."

The four women were strong women of faith who had succumb to the options they were given. "We each did the best we could," said Crenshaw. "Even when we were so sick we couldn't hold our head up we'd still call each other and pray and share communion. We would pray and share a devotion. That's all we had for close to a year."

"Working this store has been a blessing for each of us," said Crenshaw. "It's been amazing, a miracle really. We were all isolated for different reasons when Dawn approached us with this opportunity. All of the sudden we were dressing up and wearing make-up and it's like "We're back!"

"It's as though a dark cloud has been removed when this opportunity came along. And here we are, out in public together, working together. We're so excited about it. We come to work everyday early and hate leaving at the end of the day. We love it. And we're now closer than we ever thought we could be. It's been wonderful."

"We celebrate life everyday," said Crenshaw. "The minute my feet hit the floor I say 'Thank you God! for another chance," said Crenshaw. "My life is so different now, and I'm so grateful that we're all able to be here and that we're able to be apart of life in downtown Meridian."

The four women gathered with friends and family to celebrate the ribbon cutting for Around the Corner on Monday, October 29. "Around the Corner is an asset to downtown Meridian," said Mayor John Robert Smith. "We are so proud to see them open and look for great things from them."

"This is a place where women (and men) can gather and meet and spend time enjoying their lunch hours. We love meeting and talking with new people," said Crenshaw. "Every morning we have doughnuts and coffee and every afternoon we have wine and cheese."

Susan, Gina and Dawn each had extensive backgrounds in home decor and interior design. "They are very knowledgeable about what's coming into style and how to shop at market," said Crenshaw. "And we're all artists in our own ways."

"We really want to support local artists," said Crenshaw. "We're proud to carry jewelry by Edith Boswell, artwork by local architect Joey Horn, wreath design by Dena Perkins as well as written works from Amias, a native of the Mississippi Delta." Around the Corner also carries framed photography by Crenshaw as well. "Hand made items have such quality," said Crenshaw. "There's so much of you in every piece you create. There's that extra touch when it's unique and one of a kind."

"We want to encourage and compliment other local businesses as well as other local artists," said Crenshaw. "We have such a treasure trove of talent here. Around the Corner believes in supporting local first and foremost."

Around the Corner is open Monday through Saturday, 10-6. They are located in the heart of downtown on historic Front Street. For more information call 601-693-1186.


74WIXYgrad said...

A very inspiring story. May all the hard work that has gone into this venture pay off in many ways.

~gkw said...

hmmmm, wine and cheese in the afternoon??? I may have to make a trip to Meridian....

rdl said...

Congratulations!!! great write-up, was it in the local paper?
donuts/coffee wine&cheese - wish i lived there!!

Sandy Carlson said...

Amen and allelujia! Good for you. Great story.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you!!!

Amias said...

Oh my goodness, I am so very proud of you! The write up is wonderful! Congulations! Can't wait to get there.

Chelle said...

So excited that you and the rest of my family could come together under such different circumstances and make something so positive out of this. I know that my sister needed it and the rest of you too. Take care of all of them til I get home at Christmas.
Love you and miss you so much,

Pilgrim said...

Congratulations. If only I could have an ounce of your character I would be a giant. I pray that God bless you and pour favor on you for all the blessings you bestow on your family and your community. May the blessings and favor be increased a hundred fold for the blessings you bestow on the rest of us through this page.

Bella said...


I'll have to stop by sometime when I drive through Meridian again (during the wine and cheese time of course!).

:) Bella

Blage said...

Loved hearing the personal story of your venture. You are a true pioneer and really creative artist...also great to have some good female company and support. Lots of luck to you, you are truly an inspiration.

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rdl said...

you're way to busy but i tagged u nonetheless. :D

Hale McKay said...

What a wonderful story. Congrats, I relly enjoyed it.